analog-blindnessWe suffer from binary blindness. Our languages need more analog words. Why? Because they seem to contain a lot of words that emphasize duality or polarity (binary profile) and vastly fewer words that emphasize unity or singularity (analog profile). This could be one of the reasons that we have so much trouble transforming our world into a really better one. We just simply lack words to express what we deep inside really want: a beautiful loving caring world with abundance, joy and happiness for every living creature. But because we lack the analog words to express what we deeply inside already know, we have to fall back on the more extreme polarized words we have become accustomed to use.

We are used to use these duality related words (for example bad/good, lose/win, them/us, misery/joy, sickness/health, loss/profit etc.). We have a lot of them! But we still lack language to emphasize the unity that binds these extremities. There are more ‘separating’ than ‘binding’ words. For example a certain situation or aspect or thing might be neither bad or good but something in between. The binary extremeties are ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The analog unity could in this case be ‘oke’.  But we usually don’t have good words to describe the in-between status. Another example is the binary extremity of words like loose versus win. This emphasizes that there can be only winners or losers and anything in between is less desirable. The analog unity could again be the word ‘oke’, because it emphasizes that it’s oke to sometimes win and sometimes lose. Yet another example is poverty vs abudance. The in-between word could be simply ‘enough’. So the primary deficit of our language is that it’s too binary oriented, emphasizing extremeties and usually driving people to focus on those instead of on the balance between the extremities.

Now what would happen if our language would contain increasingly more words that could express the unity between polarized extremes? A kind of ‘neutral’ in between words that allow both the known extremes to exist but better balance the more desired in-between status we would like to emphasize? Words that are more analog oriented than binary oriented? Maybe we just need to develop this new kind of ‘analog’ language on top of the already existing ‘binary’ emphasized parts of our language. And who knows, what would happen if this new language became so ingrained that it would actually help transforming the world? analog-dualityBecause finally we will learn to see that duality is in fact nothing more than an illusion we have invented ourselves, waiting to be discovered.


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