maslov-going-socialFor those of us who believe anything can and should be organized in layers, stacks, domains, groups, categories, hierarchies, taxonomies, (black)boxes or any other ‘labeling’ constructs, Maslow’s hierarchy is of course a splendid reference framework. You can kid yourself into thinking that you need to have to fulfill the basic needs of feed and water first (the lower layer) before you can for fulfill the needs to (for example) be creative (the upper layer). Of course this is pure nonsense. Your needs can be fulfilled without putting them in a hierarchy first. What if we consider adding Social Media viewpoints to Maslow’s hierarchy? Would it mean that to have the needs of  maslov-going-social-2safety fulfilled you need to be on LinkedIn? Or thus it mean that LinkedIn helps in fulfilling the needs of ‘security of employment’ only? If that is the case, then maybe we would also need Social Networks for fulfilling the needs of ‘security of body’, ‘security of resources’, ‘security of the family’, ‘security of health’ and ‘security of property’. That is, if you take the figure in the top left as a reference model. And to support those Social Networks, what Social Media would be helpful there? Anyway, hatever viewpoint you find attractive, it looks like there is still a lot of development to do in these areas, both in terms of rethinking of ‘hierarchies’ and in terms of rethinking of the added value of social networks and the social media that support them.


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