strange-attractionWe all know about values that we can give a certain weight. Sometimes we call these weak attractors and strong attractors. Some examples are weak attractors like Intoxicated or Taking . Their strong attractor counterparts are Sober respectively Giving. So for all these weak attractors there exist mirrored strong attractors.

Now how do you get from weak attractors to strong attractors? You need strange attractors like for example enlightenment which gives you a better balance between the two opposite patterns. With enlightenment you will be able to better balance contrasting values such as Prejudiced and Tolerant, Intoxicated and Sober, Scrupulous and Fair, Flattering and Praising, Local and Global, Superior and Equal, Barren and Prolific, Reserved and Outgoing, Artificial and Natural, Indulgent and Considerate, Reckless and Courageous, Taking and Giving and many more.

Good luck finding your own Strange Attractors!strange-attractors


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