ratraceWe are all caught in the illusionary Rat Race or the Race to the Bottomgood-lifeIt’s a ridiculous thing. Why on earth would we continue running in never-ending cycles chasing never-ending illusionary goals? And at the same time maybe help in worsening a better global outcome? Because we are chasing the illusion of happiness by competition, we have not enough reserve energy left to come to real global happiness. Happiness supported largely by cooperation and care for each other. Service to others more important than service to self.

Think about it: you will always remain a rat, even if you win this race. But this is only a part-time victory. As soon as you have won a race, you will feel the urge to win the next one. It never ends. You will keep chasing your illusion. Stop with it. Spend your Energy on better things, for example on true happiness. You deserve it. We all deserve it. It is ridiculous to not want global happiness. So we need to stop these illusionary ratrace games, chasing illusionary goals stimulated by illusionary self-invented, self enforcing ‘burning’ platforms. And you need to see that the way we appraise people for their contribution to this illusionary ratrace performance is stupid. It only enforces the ratrace further. Performance comparison the way it is usually done will keep people from believing they are already qualified or capable. So how do we reinvent this ratract? For starters, we don’t have to put big efforts into trying to win the (rat)race as soon as we are able to see there really is no race going on, but a self-enforcing, global illusion that is controlling us. So it all starts with another mindset. This doesn’t cost any money.


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  1. It seems to me that less and less people trust their common sense, Louis. That’s what causing their non-sensible behaviour. They do what everybody else is doing, in spite of their common sense that is nagging in the back of their heads. So here’s my advice: listen to your guts people, because it is usually right about things that concern your own happiness.


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