planetary-transformationSo you think you can’t transfrom he world? Well, you are wrong. You will probably reason that you are just a drop in the ocean, not able to change anything substantially. Well, again you are wrong. It’s time to test your ambition to awake. Every improvement of whatever scale always starts by yourself. There is just no other way. Someone has to start. So it is always personal transformation that initiates any other transformation. As simple as that. Marianne Williamson knows how to state it: “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”

Pretending to be a victim is just a handy illusion you use to protect yourself from not having to initiate change. It’s feeded by fear, which in itself is also an illusion. But you are not a victim: you too can initiate any change. If you think we don’t have anything to change, that’s ok. But if you look real close to all the crises we have created collectively, I bet there is room for change or improvement. I still have to find the first one that doesn’t agree on this. So what’s holding us back? It might be the fear that big changes or transformations are not realistic. This means we accept the current reality or what some of us have ‘defined’ as being realistic. But who can define what’s realistic anyway? Are these the ones who want to sustain the status quo, at whatever cost for society? Or are we in fact all part of it, because we allow the status quo to sustain? Think for a moment about your personal responsibility, because you too are part of this world we together created. Good luck discovering your personal transformation capabilities.personal-transformation


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