balance-1Our beautiful world is getting more and more out of balance. We see it happening and yet we massively and collectively let it happen. Despite the efforts from certain people giving hints as towards changes that are in desperate need we seem to be sticking to the status quo. Many reasons can be behind it like greed, survival of the fittest, me first and then the rest and whateverother reasons we can think of. But deep in our hearts we all know this isn’t sustainable. We need help. But we also have lots of fears. Fears that anything new will change the status quo which is currently the only ‘stable’ thing we can think of.

So we are basically afraid that any new status quo won’t give us stability. This is where our thoughts go wrong. Because a new status quo will definitely give stability. But it will be a new stability: friendlier, kinder, more caring for all, better for all and maybe only slightly different for a very few. Think of it this way, and maybe your fears for a new status quo will diminish. Think of the future you leave behind for your children. Do you want them to say: dad, mom: you really lefts us a great world to live in or you want them to say: what sick parents I had. They did all they could to serve their egoistic selves, and left the garbage for us to solve. It’s up to you what status quo you want to leave behinde.equilibrium


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