atomicEverything on Earth, was created in stars. So everything is in fact star-dust. And we all know that everything is made up of atoms, yes everything, also you and me. Because everything originates from star-dust, none of the atoms in your body are your own, original atoms but beautifully arranged, orchestrated star-dust.

Now what happens if you would zoom in on atomic level and look at these atoms? You would see that there is an enormous amount of space between the atoms. There is much more space than matter. In fact, atoms consist of 99.9999999999999999% empty space. So you and everything around you is more space than matter. You are almost not there if you would look at yourself under an electron microscope. You are just a bunch of loosely coupled atoms, with inter-particle distances that are so enormously large, you can’t even imagine! If you are sitting on a chair, it feels as if you are tightly coupled to that chair, but if you could look at your atoms and the atoms of the chair, you would only see vast amounts of space and no real atomic connection. So the screen you are now looking at, the chair you are sitting on, the floor your feet are resting on, the air you breathe and you yourself are just arrangements of atoms. On atomic scale you could probably not see the difference between your atoms and that of the chair you are sitting on. Rumi’s quote “Behind every atom of this world, hides an infinite Universe” gives a nice point of view on the enormous amounts of inter-particle space and how these particles still orchestrate together into something beautiful.

And Nassim Haramein has a very nice explanation on the enormous inter-particle distances (look at the figure of the renormalized vacuum density). He has shown that if we would collect all atoms/particles of our observable Universe, and arrange them next to each other (without inter-particle space) then it would still fit inside one cubicle centimeter!renormalized-vacuum-density Amazing figures, don’t you agree?


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