ego-to-eco-1If we want to make the transition from an Ego-centric to an Eco-centric world (and if you look at the picture in the left, that is something our world desperately needs), we need to repair many of our currently stalling (sub)systems. One of these is the Economic system. The word in itself assumes that it is a system that is designed around ‘Eco’, i.e. Ecologically sound, but if we look closer, it’s actually degraded into an Ego-centric, greed feeding system. The theory behind it could better have been called Ego-nomics, feeding an Ego-nomy instead.

This very important system has not only become a bad example of a value system but it also feeds the illusionary belief that growth in general can be eternal and that it’s ok to be egoistic. So what do we need to repair this degradation? The picture to the right already gives a lot of hints. We need to change our mindset first, believe that the Eco-system is more important than the Ego-system and that a well-balanced Eco-system will be good for all stakeholders, i.e. win-win for all, and not a win for shareholders only.

We need to make many transitions in parallel, all amplifying each-other and not at all very disruptive if you take these transitions with little steps at a time. Go from centralized (‘ego-centric’) to distributed/decentralized (‘share-centric’). Go from “it’s a problem for my children” to “its a problem for me and my children”. Go from competition-centric, bloody red-ocean survival-centric ego-system strategies to collaboration-centric, green-ocean eco-system strategies. Go from pyramids and other hierarchical structures to flat, pancake-alike networked structures. Go from big, monolithic, one-size-fits-all, centralized concepts, to modular, many-size-fits-many, decentralized concepts. Go from ego-centric, proprietary solutions to true interoperable solutions, etc. etc. Good luck in adding your personal value in this unique historical chance to create a truly better world. ego-to-eco-2


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