worldish-1Our current languages seem to contain more words that emphasize separation (differentiate, discuss, dilemma, distinct, diffuse, double, dual, duplicate, antidote, anti, …) than words that emphasize integration (duality, two, twine, twin, …). The languages clearly demonstrate how much we have invested in polarisation. It has made us become blind. I call it binary blindness because we have emphasized duality way too much.

This duality thinking can be demonstrated by combining the words that emphasize duality, for example Good/Bad, True/False, Warm/Cold, Always/Never, Win/Loose, Input/Output, We/Them, This/That, Good/Wrong, Government/Civilians, Proponent/Opponents, Managers/Employees, Company goals/Society goals, Physics/Metaphysics, Man/Nature, Shrink/Expand, Create/Destroy, Visible/Invisible, Up/Down, Thesis/Antithesis, Science/Spirituality, Laugh/Cry, Joy/Sadness, Health/Illness, Profit/Loss, Limited/Unlimited, Body/Spirit etc.

All these duality based word pairs stimulate a global consciousness that emphasizes the extremes and differences instead of trying to integrate them as much as possible. Think of this phenomenon for a moment: all these summed up duality pairs don’t seem to have a word that emphasizes integration. For example which is  the “middle-out” (integrated) word for Good/Bad? Is it Gad? Or Bood? Or ??? Or what about the middle-out word for True/False? It it Tralse? Or Frue? Or ? Or the middle-out word for Good/Wrong etc. etc. Because these words are lacking in our language, we tend to either let our thinking lend towards one of the extremes of a duality, losing the so desperately needed balance.

So to sum it up: in a world that is consciously awakening, the need for a new language with words that emphasize the integrated part of the extreme dualities will definitely help us better balance things. Lets call this new language Worldish, with words that help recombine the missing “middle-out” parts of our languages.worldish-2

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