discovery-1Most of us are still blindfolded, following the illusionary fear and control-based systems and strategies we have invented ourselves long time ago. This was a deliberate experience path for humanity. It was the only way for us to understand why the duality-based approach in the end is not sustainable. By actually experiencing the very destructive effects these illusions can create for our beautiful world we are collectively learning there has to be another way. And there is! It’s now the time where we can leave this destructive path we needed for our learning experiences and start on a new constructive, sustainable path beneficial for all. soul_searching_michaeloIt doesn’t hurt at all. All we need to do is open our eyes and open our hearts to discover the illusions that have kept humanity in a kind of dream-state for many centuries. Replace the fear of discovering what lies beyond these illusions with curiosity and we will learn bit by bit to open up. And let’s not blame anyone because we we in this experience all together. There is no need to blame anyone. Good luck discovering your path on opening up to a new, beautiful Golden Age.


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