good-life-1If we want to collectively create a Better World  with a Good Life for all, we need to combine abundancy thinking with a wanting to change mindset and some universal language supporting that abundancy thinking. This blog is a first try in combining these three levels of thought. In previous blogs I wrote about some kind of disruptive language themes, for example the need for a metaphorical language, the tragedy of having a poor common language, the limits of our current languages and the need I see for a new language where duality thinking is better balanced towards a more singularity style of thinking. I wanted to have a name for this language deficit area and called it ‘Worldish‘.  In others blogged I mentioned abundance thinking, for example herehere and here. I call this ‘Abundology‘ so others can develop it maybe into a real science: the science of creating abundance. And finally, in this blog I propose a third component I call ‘Wantamatics‘. It’s my proposed acronym for releasing the potentially hidden Power there is waiting out there, provided we are willing (‘Want to‘) change our mindsets towards changing our World for the better. Towards a better Ecology and a better Social Fabric. good-life Good luck discovering your own Wantamatics, Worldish and Abundology ingredients!


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  1. […] me of a few blogs I wrote some time ago which adressed the ‘Commons’ theme. I refer to Wantamatics, Worldish And Abundology: Key Ingredients For The Next Era and also to If Anything Should Be Common, It Is Sense and Why You Should be Careful When Trying to […]


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