all-titudeA society where ego-centric attitude preveals, will ultimately self-destruct. But there is a simple way out. We only need to change our attitude. An attitude that is geared not towards promoting and sustaining the Economy (Ego-nomy in fact), but an attitude that is holistic. A holistic attitude that is looking at Humanity (Social fabric, Socio-tude) and Ecology (inhabiting Earth, Eco-tude) in concert and where Economy isn’t any longer a useful societal governance tool. we need to develop this new aptitude to change our current attitude towards facilitating this new All-titude (which is an alternative terminology for a more holistic attitude, benefical for both Humanity ánd Earth). Sofar for this idea and let’s close with Zig Ziglar’s quote “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” which can be augmented with my personal variant: “It’s our Socio-tude and Eco-tude, not our Attitude that determines our All-titude”. Good luck developing your All-titude! alltitude-2


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