boss-3 Hiding from the truth and transferring your personal responsibility to someone else, is something we probably all like to do from time to time. It’s very easy to say: “They should change something”, “The politicians are to blame”, “It was not me who was part of this idea” or “I love to change the world but I will not start until another starts first”. Etc. It’s a normal reaction. It’s based on fear. Fear to be the first. Fear to take initiative. Fear to be the leader. Fear to be hurt when something goes wrong. But we should fear even more the things that could go wrong if none of us actually does change something for the better. So get rid of the idea that you need someone outside you to get you started. You only need yourself. The only authority you need to take an initiative is that of yourself. You alone are responsible for your life. I am finding out for myself how to this works, and so far it’s not at all something I need to fear. So I wish you good luck in taking your own responsibility!responsible-3


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