four-senses-wheelInspired by this article I started thinking about the idea of “the sense of” and about what makes or doesn’t make sense. The idea for a “four senses wheel” was born. I arranged these four senses in a balanced quadrant so that the duality aspects became more visible as opposed to only looking at textual explanations. I was convinced that the sense of “Hurry” should  be replaced by the sense of “Fire” so that it could be better emphasized that in this quartile we are primarily talking about Firefighting drivers. I also was convinced that the sense of “Fear” is often used to drive us into Firefighting strategies. For example the fear of Failure drives us to finish our work On Time, On Budget without even thinking if this is always realistic. It sometimes seems even just plain stupid to finish something too early or too cheap. So these two “senses” are in my viewpoint primary drivers for stimulating individual (and company) Ego’s and they belong according to my viewpoint ‘below the equator’.

Then we have the two remaining senses left. I think that sense of “Urgency” fits well to what we are doing to our world (on e.g. Ecological point of view). We should feel collectively that there is urgent need to rethink the way we are currently consuming Earth in a non-circular way. And so this leaves us with the sense of “Excitement” which in my opinion should be the primary driver that will stimulate us to both take better care of our World AND take better care of each other. A win-win for all provided we are willing to shift our thinking from below the equator (sense of fire, sense of fear) to above the equator (sense of urgency, sense of excitement). It can be done. We only need to imagine it can and have the honest intention to make it possible. We can help making it true. But it’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of this thrilling possibility. Good luck with your discovery of the Four Senses Wheel and hopefully you will Start Making Sense. It Makes Sense!start-making-sense

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