let-go-4Our Ego’s like to stay in control. That’s why they are so fond of creating / designing technological stuff that is Lego-alike. Because Lego has a well defined interface from building block to building block, it makes it easy to develop scalable concepts. So far so good.

But in practice we often tend to organize not only our technological stuff like this, but also the organizational and social (human-centric) stuff around it. And that’s where things often go wrong. Because not all ‘work’ can be organized like Lego chunks of work. And not alle Humans can be organized as Lego robots. So in this more ‘creative’ area, maybe we should choose to stay more far away from Lego strategies and replace with alternative Let-go strategies. We should certainly be careful not to start Legoizing everything. And leave ample room for work-related and Social flexibility.

Good luck finding your way out from Ego to Lego to Let-go.let-go


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