What’s Bordering Us?

borderless-1We people are funny 😉 species. We inherited a beautiful borderless world, and during eons and eons of time, we specialized in segmenting this holistic beauty which actually had no real boundaries, into artificial, illusionary chunks. And these chunks we gave words like continent, country,  state, province, rural are, city and so forth. This made it easy for us to introduce duality thinking and move away from integrally thinking. It even has led to wars, trying in the end to change the artificial border from one geographic set to another. What a waste of time this was! There should have been a better way. Why did we invent these artificial boundaries anyway? Was it because of greed? Or Status? Or Fear? Or Power? Or a combination of these? And did it really help our World forward? You answer that question yourself and decide for yourself if you have the intent to change that or not. It’s all up to you. You can conquer this illusion. Only need to have intent. Let the language of your heart speak instead the language of dualism and separation. Good luck finding your intent in un-bordering!borderless


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