life-inside-the-boxWe all want to feel connected. We all want to feel relevant. And we all are willing to do a lot for that. Some (most?) of us are even willing to enforce greed (leading to Red Ocean Strategies) if it helps us achieve our relevancy goal. Even if it leads to others suffering. Not our problem anyway. Hey, it’s a bloody survival war out there, isn’t it? So we live our lives inside our own tiny illusionary goal oriented boxes. Rat racing from goal to goal, from illusion to illusion, in the end finding out that it all really wasn’t worth the rat race anyhow.

So whats the alternative? Why not try to live your live according to Sid Ceasar’s viewpoint: “in between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.” Stop the rat race. Stop the goal oriented illusion chasing. Start focusing your whole life on enjoying each here and now moment. All the rest is illusion. Past is illusion, it doesn’t exist anymore. Future is illusion, you never know if it will exist. Only here and now is real. Enjoy it. Stop chasing future goals. Start chasing things that improve here and now. Embrace anything that improves both service to self and service to others. Good luck awakening and discovering your own new goal oriented strategy.inside


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