emotionelechantage Fear was never meant to be used as part of decision making processes. And yet we use fear in our daily lives to make decisions as if it were the most normal practice every. We are used to decide under self-inflected pressures, informed by all kinds of fear. For example fearing to fail, fearing to be not succesful, fearing not to have personal benefits, fearing our ego is not being fed, fearing we miss out on something, fearing we are not on time, fearing we are not within budget, fearing for inconsistency, fearing for incompetency etc.

But fear was only meant to protect us from physical dangers (for example when a Lion comes running toward you to eat you), not to protect from mental dangers!  So strictly speaking, fear should not have to be a necessary or mandatory element in decision making processing.

But what’s the alternative? What about using decision making based on positive values only, removed from any fear? For example decide based upon the perceived benefit of service to others and/or service to the planet. Simple. Maybe even an eye-opener to some. Good luck in discovering your own decision making evolution.eye-opener


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