high-vibration-wordsOur languages are sometimes being analyzed by experts. This may lead to insights like e.g. High Frequency Words. These are words that occur with a high frequency and thus are used most often. But as far as my knowledge goes, there has not yet been analysis on what I propose to call ‘High Vibration Words’. These are words with a high ‘vibrational’ value which means the higher the vibration, the more positive energy they ‘might’ bear. On the positive energy side we could find words like friendship, love, faith, happy, good, abundance, unity, peace, gratitude, optimism etc. On the negative side we could find words like bad, anger, frustration, scarcity, war, fight, deficit etc. These are words with low vibrational value.

Now the funny thing about our language is that it has creational effects beyond what many probably belief. The Universal Law of Attraction is applicable here, i.e. the more one talks or communicates words with low vibrational value, the higher the chance is that these attract ‘language’ that is comparable. Bad language can attract other bad language. But the opposite is also true: good language can attract other good language. So from this point of view it would be interesting to see if we could find constructs to better use our language towards more positive vibrational value. This could then for example be examined by a (scientific?) approach of clustering high vibrational words and see if these can be put to some kind of ‘Law of Attraction’ usage.

Oh, and for those of you who read this and might not get ‘the picture’ yet: try giving yourself a quit, nice place to relax and listen to the song ‘Good Vibrations’ of the Beach Boys. While listening to it, try to meditate for a while about what’s there in the lyrics. Good luck discovering your own High Vibrational Language!


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  1. This result makes a lot of sense. My mom used to walk around muttering , . I wish I was —-. And I found myself saying it. It unfortunately has carried down through generations. You become the words you speak.


  2. […] 6. Using the word “FREE” in your post still has a high attention getter. But consider not just outcome (the free part) but words associated with a deeper feeling or, a High Vibrational quality such as “Love,” “Power,” “You,” (see above) as well as “success.” These words have the power to elicit a positive response. For more high frequency type words like these click here. […]


  3. twigwoman said:

    Words have positive and negative connotations and can heal or harm when dealing people and their feelings.
    When it comes to Law of Attraction – Words do not bring what is desired.
    One’s Vibration is what calls forth a vibrational match to what one feels…..
    Find a better feeling and it raises your Vibration so as to be a Vibrational Match to that which You desire….. You can want something and feel a lacking and thus all the asking will only produce more lacking as that is where Your Vibration is…
    Check out Esther Hicks ~ Abraham A collective of Pure Positive Energy she channels…… You Tube has a bunch of videos to explain…… in great detail how to align one’s self…


  4. I appreciate your definition of high frequency words, those which are used often. But I don’t see any definition of the vibration of words – I think you mean it as a synonym for some scale from negative to positive. Which could be related to language tone, diction, style, register, and voice, which are defined and well understood by language scholars.

    As to your request: a (scientific?) approach of clustering high vibrational words” – this exists, and socially, partners in dialog tend to match their styles, in order to be understood or persuade.

    To “put to some kind of ‘Law of Attraction’ usage” is common – door-to-door sellers and advertising in general improves persuasion by doing this.

    There is no need to say there is any Law or Secret! It’s taught in sales courses.


    • louisdietvorst said:

      Using words (in a or many any language) can have major impact, and even lead to emotional reactions. Because we cannot prove scientifically yet that this relationship exists (often named as words having a high “spiritual” “frequency”), doesn’t mean it does not exist. If one is open to allow that anything we cannot yet explain scientifically can be explained spiritually, one can start to see for example the beauty of “high frequency words”. This is what has happened to me. I used to be a person that wanted only scientific explanations until I “awoke”, and since then I can explain (at least to my self) both viewpoints and balance these.


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