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Abundance Thinking Can Help Solving Scarcity Thinking

true-powerMany of the scarcities we have gotten used to in ages and ages before are in fact nothing more than self-invented illusions, to keep us from abundance. We have forgotten to remember why on earth it was a good idea to ‘control’ our world around scarcity thinking. But given the fact that if we really would want to, we could introduce abundance in many areas. Because it’s an illusion to think that our scarcity-driven societal systems will be sustainable. They are not. They are leading the world into many crises. So the most easy first step is starting to change our thinking. Make the 180-degree mental switch from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. Start thinking about it and when you are up to it, you can start talking about it. Exchanging opinions but also good ideas. Exchange practical cases that show examples that have already successfully worked. Try out those succesful practices in your own environment and see if they were scalable. If so, celebrate it and communicate about it. Step by step, this might help us get into a better world for all. Good luck in your own transformational journey from scarcity to abundance thinking.


Planned Obsolescence Or How To Deliberately Destroy Humanity’s Social Fabric

Planned-ObsolescenceWe live in a strange world. We have all the resources available to make it radically better if we would want to, and yet we are all stuck in a kind of rat race culture, picking on each other for mainly egoistic reasons. This leads to dumb strategies like Planned Obsolescence. It’s well-known in many industries and is in fact nothing more than a ‘trick’ to force customers to buy new products, even if the old ones are still ok. In terms of LEAN thinking, it’s a pure waste! And what’s even worse is that those that can afford buying new products way before they are true end-of-life will buy them, which forces the people who don’t have that buying power to buy the cheaper ‘previous’ versions. This is a huge, hidden market. It makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer. It separates humanity instead of the opposite way: trying to empower each other towards a life where there is joy, happiness and abundance for all. It can be done. It only needs a mindset shift. And this is totally free. What’s holding you back to shift you mind from planned obsolescence to planned sustainability? You can do it. You only need the power of your thoughts. Good luck, and for some more inspiration on this topic you can watch this video about a modular concept for phones that breaks the planned obscolescence loop. A nice example!

Beauty of Entropy

In general it seems that the entropy more one tries to control entropy, the more it will increase. This might be especially true for closed systems. It is known that the entropy of a closed system always increases. If you relate this to the tendency in society to transform more and more closed systems to more and more open systems, you could suspect entropy to increase because of that. If you investigate further, you can see this kind of transformations happening on all kind of levels: demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological.

Could it be that because of this increase in entropy, there is also increase in societal value? Just like Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network increases exponentially with the number of connected nodes.

Could this give society more chances for new forms of beautiful, self-organizing, self-regulating, self-improving systems? If this is true, than we should not try to fight entropy and try to contain the ‘disorder’. Maybe we should do just the opposite: try to make as much connections as possible on all the levels mentioned before (demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological). And then let go of the idea we need to control it all (opposite of entropy is ‘order’).

So we should maybe seek for the trust and freedom of ever growing, interdependent networks on all possible levels. Maybe the most important network we should grow is global consciousness, which helps us globally better understand how to transform our beautiful world into a new Golden Age. Good luck with your own understanding of (the beauty of) Entropy.

The Beauty of Attraction

beauty-of-attractionEverything in this Universe is based on vibrating Energy in one or another form and of a certain frequency. The higher the frequency (vibration) that you send out to the Universe, the higher the frequency (vibration) of the environment that you find yourself in. The environment starts to adapt to your frequency. But how do you raise your frequency? Is actually very simple. By just thinking of higher frequency things with thoughts, images, words, sounds or whatever medium accommodates you, you increase your frequency. Suppose you would think about Fear, then the frequency you sent out is relatively low. If you would think about Love, the frequency will already be higher. It’s as simple as that. So the power of your thoughts is enormous. You can attract a better world only by thinking about it. The beauty of attraction!

Stop the War Inside and see the Peace Outside

A very very very beautiful message. What would happen if it truly reached all those who are still seeking solutions to (often illusionary) problems in fear, control, governing, limiting, making each others lives difficult or miserable could grasp this?

From Scared Beings To Sacred Beings

on-the-same-radarMany of us have been grown up in societies where fear is part of everyday life. All kinds of fears. These fears have developed us over many years (eons?) into scared beings, primarily focused on self-protection. We have forgotten that fear was only meant to protect from physical danger but we have developed it as an instrument to protect us from ANY danger. This might seem like a good strategy but it unfortunately can easily lead to greedy strategies. This in turn can easily lead to scarcity propagation or finding the optimum in scarcity instead of finding the optimum in abundance. This scarcity thinking might in turn ultimately have led us towards the many crises. So you can easily see there is no real societal value in fear as instrument for non-physical protection. In fact it’s a complete waste. It lowers vibrations and shuts us down for uplifting, positive energies. So what should we do? Well, it’s quite easy. Start with awareness. Raise your consciousness about fear. Think about where it adds value and where it’s only a human-invented illusion. As soon as you start seeing and valuing these illusions, you will have a good starting point to rethink things. And remove fears where they only destroy value. Good luck in your transformation from a scared being to a sacred being!

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