on-the-same-radarMany of us have been grown up in societies where fear is part of everyday life. All kinds of fears. These fears have developed us over many years (eons?) into scared beings, primarily focused on self-protection. We have forgotten that fear was only meant to protect from physical danger but we have developed it as an instrument to protect us from ANY danger. This might seem like a good strategy but it unfortunately can easily lead to greedy strategies. This in turn can easily lead to scarcity propagation or finding the optimum in scarcity instead of finding the optimum in abundance. This scarcity thinking might in turn ultimately have led us towards the many crises. So you can easily see there is no real societal value in fear as instrument for non-physical protection. In fact it’s a complete waste. It lowers vibrations and shuts us down for uplifting, positive energies. So what should we do? Well, it’s quite easy. Start with awareness. Raise your consciousness about fear. Think about where it adds value and where it’s only a human-invented illusion. As soon as you start seeing and valuing these illusions, you will have a good starting point to rethink things. And remove fears where they only destroy value. Good luck in your transformation from a scared being to a sacred being!


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