The Beauty of Attraction

beauty-of-attractionEverything in this Universe is based on vibrating Energy in one or another form and of a certain frequency. The higher the frequency (vibration) that you send out to the Universe, the higher the frequency (vibration) of the environment that you find yourself in. The environment starts to adapt to your frequency. But how do you raise your frequency? Is actually very simple. By just thinking of higher frequency things with thoughts, images, words, sounds or whatever medium accommodates you, you increase your frequency. Suppose you would think about Fear, then the frequency you sent out is relatively low. If you would think about Love, the frequency will already be higher. It’s as simple as that. So the power of your thoughts is enormous. You can attract a better world only by thinking about it. The beauty of attraction!


Comments on: "The Beauty of Attraction" (2)

  1. Big confusion here about a physical term (frequency of vibration, as in the electromagnetic spectrum or in cyclic physical movement) with an undefined abstract use of the term. Cloudy thinking about cloudy concepts! Using a metaphor is fine, don’t try to pretend it is real. Or, tell us how you determine that the frequency of fear is low and of love is high, and how do you measure the frequency of thoughts, images, or words?


    • louisdietvorst said:

      I have opened my mind to cloudy concepts and now see things I didn’t see before when I was only willing to see rational, scientifically proven things. Now I can see both and value these each at their own specifics. It has made me very very happy. That happiness is all I wanted to share. Don’t come looking to me for scientific proof because I can’t give that (yet).


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