Planned-ObsolescenceWe live in a strange world. We have all the resources available to make it radically better if we would want to, and yet we are all stuck in a kind of rat race culture, picking on each other for mainly egoistic reasons. This leads to dumb strategies like Planned Obsolescence. It’s well-known in many industries and is in fact nothing more than a ‘trick’ to force customers to buy new products, even if the old ones are still ok. In terms of LEAN thinking, it’s a pure waste! And what’s even worse is that those that can afford buying new products way before they are true end-of-life will buy them, which forces the people who don’t have that buying power to buy the cheaper ‘previous’ versions. This is a huge, hidden market. It makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer. It separates humanity instead of the opposite way: trying to empower each other towards a life where there is joy, happiness and abundance for all. It can be done. It only needs a mindset shift. And this is totally free. What’s holding you back to shift you mind from planned obsolescence to planned sustainability? You can do it. You only need the power of your thoughts. Good luck, and for some more inspiration on this topic you can watch this video about a modular concept for phones that breaks the planned obscolescence loop. A nice example!


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