true-powerMany of the scarcities we have gotten used to in ages and ages before are in fact nothing more than self-invented illusions, to keep us from abundance. We have forgotten to remember why on earth it was a good idea to ‘control’ our world around scarcity thinking. But given the fact that if we really would want to, we could introduce abundance in many areas. Because it’s an illusion to think that our scarcity-driven societal systems will be sustainable. They are not. They are leading the world into many crises. So the most easy first step is starting to change our thinking. Make the 180-degree mental switch from scarcity thinking to abundance thinking. Start thinking about it and when you are up to it, you can start talking about it. Exchanging opinions but also good ideas. Exchange practical cases that show examples that have already successfully worked. Try out those succesful practices in your own environment and see if they were scalable. If so, celebrate it and communicate about it. Step by step, this might help us get into a better world for all. Good luck in your own transformational journey from scarcity to abundance thinking.


Comments on: "Abundance Thinking Can Help Solving Scarcity Thinking" (2)

  1. What is “abundance thinking”?


    • louisdietvorst said:

      Abundance thinking is a mindset. It comes as soon as one starts to see that the world we live in does not have real scarcity. The scarcity is driven by illusions. For example the money system is an illusion because it is based on a certain theory but it was never coupled to for exampe humanitary well being. If we all wanted to, the system should help us in an abundance context so we could innovate, build, renew, share etc. whatever we really wanted. But unfortunately humanity thinks good things can only from scarcity. This is not true, it is nothing more than a cultural agreement we once have embedded and has become a worldwide system that is hardly being discussed on it’s merits.


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