people-vs-thingsIn our 21st century world it seems more and more that things (consumables, money, …) are dominating our lives more than the people who produce and/or consume them. It is as if we have lost the meaning of life as it originally was intended to be: to love people and use things, not the other way around.  Our industries are lined up to generate demand by making people want things, even if they don’t really need them. A better strategy would have been to make things that people want, nothing more, nothing less. Let the demand drive the industry and not the supply. We need to make transitions to rebalance this delicate demand-supply model. It is completely out of balance. But the resources we have are more than abundantly available. So we don’t need to optimize scarcity, we need to optimize the abundance. Reduce the oversupply to a level of enough is enough. Create work weeks that are more relaxed, leading to people having less time for creating overproduction and more time to help their fellow human beings. Shift from competing in the supply markets for more illusionary created demand to competing in the demand markets for more real service-to-others. There is no reason why we should not go this way. The only thing blocking us, is that we have created too much ‘supply’, ‘market’ and ‘endless economic growth’ dependencies. Those need to be reconfigured to demand dependencies. So that we compete on service to each other instead of service to self. Good luck with your quest on transforming the world’s demand-supply balance imperfections.


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