The Beauty of True Value

everything-is-energyDuring eons of human development, we have come to believe that value is in things. We created it as something which is outside of us. We wanted to make it rational and visible. But true value can only exist in your heart. True value is not something you can rationally measure or put down as a meaningless figure in some Business Case. True value is a frequency, an Energy. It’s something which is already in the air, invisible to our instruments but definitely not meaningless. It’s called love for your fellow human beings. The more love you send out in the Universe, the higher its frequency and the higher its value. Nothing can beat that value. And the greatest thing of all is: it is totally free. No Business Case needed. Just the mindset that we as humans should do the uttermost to help, care and love each other. Nothing more, nothing less. Good luck with your quest on finding out what True Value is and how you can create that value yourself.


Comments on: "The Beauty of True Value" (3)

  1. Our love for one another is immeasurable and unconditional within our hearts. The journey has been enlightening; for now I place nothing else before or above this… Beautiful write. Thank you for sharing. Much peace and light ~ Linda


  2. He is trying to define “value” in terms of some nearly meaningless or other indefinable abstracts, like frequency, energy, and even love. Just makes it more indefinite 😦


    • louisdietvorst said:

      The fact that we are not able to “value” terms that are hard to measure with our current instruments, doesn’t mean these terms can’t have any value. For me they have enormous important value. I don’t want to discuss about definitions of value, just to show that when one is willing to look at it, one can find beauty (and value) in allmost everything. It gives me a super good feeling.


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