sabbaticalsabbatical-1sabbatical-2Today I handled a comment from denisemward on an earlier blog We Need New Mastermindsetters To Help Change Humanity’s Mindset. Denise wrote: “I’m really enjoying this blog. In fact, are you still around?”  She inspired me to restart blogging, thank you Denise!

I stopped blogging at the end of 2013 and reserved 2014 for a ‘blog sabbatical’. During the blog sabbatical I decided to put more quality time in the development of my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It has taught me a lot of new insights. It also taught me to let go more and more of things, activities, experiences, that hinder my own growth. So far, this has worked out as planned (yes, you can plan spiritual growth).

I think I will focus this year on blogging about my own growth and my inspiration for humanity progress. Don’t know yet if that will be on a regular or random base.  If you liked my earlier blogs, keep watching out for new ones!


Comments on: "Restarting after a blog sabbatical" (2)

  1. It seems you’ve disappeared again 😦

    That’s a real shame! I found your writing whilst researching a piece for TechCrunch, and I’m planning on linking your blog in there because 1. it’s a great resource 2. the amount of bloggers who discuss the topics you do is so slim, you can’t leave us!


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