The Beauty of Ethics

moral-compassIn this article from HBR a nice figure was embedded that caught my attention. It said literally in the figure “People behave less ETHICALLY when they are part of a larger group”. I don’t know if this is just a theory or knowledge gathered from analysis or science. But I have the gut feeling this statement is correct. It can be noticed whenever people gather in larger groups, regardless the context, their ethic ‘ceiling’ tends to lower, take f.e. with football (hooligans). It seems also true in ways many (large) businesses conduct their (greedy) growth with total disregard of the bigger (humanitarian) picture. If these businesses would reoganize themselves so they break up in many smaller highly autonomous groups (in fact a heavily networked, decentralized organization with a loth of local, decentral autonomy), this could demonstrate that these business still can work together optimally for society but in a much more ethic way. Especially those businesses that highly value integrity could lead the example.


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