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What The Planet Desperately Needs Is A Major Governance Overhaul

theplanetneedsDavid Orr has a great vision. His famous words  “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds” guides us into a direction that could solve many of our current tough problems and crises. But what is it that keeps us running after each other, joining the never-ending rat race to (illusionary) success? What is the killer app that could drag us out of this self-enforcing, planet destroying negativity amplifying cycle? Is it as simple as just a mindset? Focus? Love? Care for each other? Or do we first need to redesign or re-architect some of our self-enforcing societal governance systems like Taylor’s scientific management approach, often leading to separation of thinkers and doers, or the free market principle often leading to separation of winners and losers or governmental structures often leading to separation of inhabitants and those who were originally intended to serve those inhabitants?

I personally believe it’s those major, fundamental governance systems that need to be changed. It’s not the people. We are not to blame. Not me, not you, not anybody. It’s our current fundamental governance systems that tend to attract people who are willing to enforce that governance. The universal law of attraction is at work, enabling the self enforcing. But if we would redesign these governance systems those people can and will automatically find new challenges. Because the focus would shift towards a more positive self-enforcing spiral. The universal law of attraction is again at work, but now enabling the self enforcing into a positive direction.

Any thoughts on this if this approach could work? Step by step, evolutionary, governance system by governance system or do we need a big bang governance redesign?


E2E Strategy Part III – Using the Universal Law of Attraction

Recently I talked about what I call the E2E Strategy – transforming from Ego-centric thinking (and acting) to Eco-centric thinking (and acting). Letting go of your Ego and replacing that with working on an Ecosystem that’s good for all of us.

It’s easy to develop an Egosystem all by yourself for yourself but developing an Ecosystem requires making connections. But since the Internet makes it easy to make connections, you might consider using that to develop an Ecosystem. If hardly costs you Energy.

Now let’s assume that we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse), consider every human being on our world as being connected in one way or another. If this is true (which it might very well be, read here about the Six Degrees of Separation), then the following must also be true. If everyone is connected and thus has some kind of direct or indirecte interdependence, then this automatically implies that putting shortcomings on another person, will allways bounce back in some way to yourself and will mean you inflict a shortcoming on yourself. Now who would want that?

So by starting to think (and act) as if we are all connected in one way or another, then we must already have an Ecosystem. It might however be an Ecosystem of which we are not yet aware but that’s ok.

Now what’s the next step? We need to find out shared beliefs of how this Ecosystem should evolve, so that it benefits all of us. So every thinking and acting we do that is geared towards feeding our Ego’s, will bounce back in some way. But thinking and acting towards feeding a shared Ecosystem, will only enforce this system and make it stronger and more beneficial for all of us. In fact, in this way we are mutually enforcing the Universal Law of Attraction.

So if you share some knowledge (for free) you give something to the world that might make it more wise, more happy, more connected, more conscious etc. And by sharing your knowledge, you will discover that other people will start to multiply your knowledge, possibly even make it better and share it with even more other people. In this way, we collectively are co-creating a new Ecosystem that will become more and more beneficial for all of us. And who wouldn’t want that? Happy Knowledge Sharing!

Intentions For 2012 – Start Loving the Here and Now

If you believe what all the trendwatchers and futurists predict, than 2012 certainly will become a year with some major changes ahead. Whatever predictions turn out to be true or not, I decided I will go my own way and use my own pace. And if the changes that were predicted really happen, I am more than ready for them. My basic approach for this is to make myself acquainted with the predictions and then “go with the flow”. I will increase dreaming and thinking about the things I really want and in this way stimulate creating my own preferred reality. I will put some extra effort in being more friendly to people in my environment. And practice exchanging basically positive thoughts and opinions. Practice the Universal Law of Attraction. Stay away from negative forces if they come on my path. And give more without asking something in return. And giving things that people really want to have, instead of the things I think they need or should need. Practice the Universal Law of Free Will. I will put more attention to my own personal goals. I will try to learn each day from the people in my environment and from well-known great minds. I will listen more to my (intuitive) heart and less to my (rational) brain and balance the two. I will put more emphasis on living in the here and now. Here and now is the only time and place that is relevant. This approach will help me focussing less on the past which cannot be changed anyway. It will also help me focussing less on the future which will come as it is planned and when it is planned. This way, I don’t spend too much time in periods that cannot be changed anyway. So living in the here and now will help me enjoying those moments to the fullest. And finally, I will put more effort in examining suppressed fears so I can try to handle them appropriately. Practice respect and love where appropriate. Stimulate curiosity to conquer fears. What about you: do you want to share your intentions?

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