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The Beauty of Yin/Yang Leaders

yin-yangLeadership is a topic of all times. And although humanity has eons of experience in developing it, we still don’t really know how to effectuate it on a ‘global’ level. We still need to rely a lot on ‘helper’ roles like (appointed) managers and (appointed) leaders. The appointed variants often inherit virtual leadership as soon as they are positioned onto a virtual authoritative position (the hierarchy chart). The not appointed variants often need to perform the same or identical tasks but have to do it with their personal skills only. A though job. Only a (very?) few people in our world are actually capable of this type of personal leadership. What is it that is needed for the evolution of some more personal leadership? Is it something we can learn? Something we can train? Something we can inherit? Or is it only the few who are born with these skills that we need to rely on? Or is it only a matter of the appointed and not appointed leaders and managers of letting go of their ‘helper’ roles and thus making all others aware of their personal leadership gaps? Maybe it’s that simple. Just letting it go. And don’t be afraid that loss of leadership makes you less worth as human. This is an illusion. Good luck with your personal quest in finding out what exactly your personal leadership in our World’s leadership ‘quagmire’ is 😉


There Is No ‘Boss of the World’ So Better Take Your Own Responsibility In Saving It

boss-3 Hiding from the truth and transferring your personal responsibility to someone else, is something we probably all like to do from time to time. It’s very easy to say: “They should change something”, “The politicians are to blame”, “It was not me who was part of this idea” or “I love to change the world but I will not start until another starts first”. Etc. It’s a normal reaction. It’s based on fear. Fear to be the first. Fear to take initiative. Fear to be the leader. Fear to be hurt when something goes wrong. But we should fear even more the things that could go wrong if none of us actually does change something for the better. So get rid of the idea that you need someone outside you to get you started. You only need yourself. The only authority you need to take an initiative is that of yourself. You alone are responsible for your life. I am finding out for myself how to this works, and so far it’s not at all something I need to fear. So I wish you good luck in taking your own responsibility!responsible-3

Freedom of Interpretation

judgementI stopped blogging here some time ago but since several readers asked me to continue writing, I decided to give it some new energy. So here’s a new post.

Sometimes you can encounter a situation where interpretation is a central theme. For example interpretation of performance. We all look through personal glasses to the world we live in. And it gives us a personal interpretation of this world. It’s our freedom and that is worth a lot. Freedom of interpretation.

But beware when you interpretate something for or about someone else. What might such an interpretation be worth if it’s only yours? And not a shared interpretation? Therefore true masters accept the fact that they might not have a correct interpretation and will not convict someone. Others might only pretend to have the wisdom of correct interpretation and will base there interpretation on their (perceived) power or ‘authority’. What’s your level of interpretation?

From Opaque Authority To Vulnerable Authenticity

This blog was inspired by  a question from the audience about authority (see the video at Venessa’s blog about Social Media and the Evolution of Consciousness starting at timeframe 48:30). It got me thinking about the true value of authority. Is there any value in authority or is authority in fact a kind of waste, or a men-made illusion? Suppose we looked at authority through the glass of the principles of LEAN (see figure). If you map these wastes to authority, you can easily imagine that authority as we are accustomed to, can create waste. For example overprocessing because you need to transport authoritive actions from one person to another. Or under-utilized people because you don’t really use all of their talents if you take away authority that would fit within their “talent scope”. And so on.  I finally also looked at an authority related article in Wikipedia and found the following excerpt “You must learn to live with your own conscience, your own morality, your own decision, your own self. You alone can do it. There is no authority but yourself.” That excerpt inspired me to think of real authority as an expression of vulnerable authenticity. So if you present yourself vulnerable, you show to your environment what your authenticity is, which kinda might give you some implied authority. What if we all would do that? Would it change our world to the better?

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