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The Sky Is The Limit

This blog was inspired by the many discussions on the net about Cloud Computing. As many of you out there already know, Cloud Computing is a term that is hyped a lot but is creating increasing interest and traction. And in my personal belief, it can grow into a catalyst for societal transformation. But then it has to be unhyped, made real and made useful. There are potentially many use cases but we still have to bear in mind that the world is full of traditional technology that is also still working and will be keeping working for many years if we all want to. But then we would not take the chance for (radical?) renewal and we could more or less hinder real innovation in this area. So what’s to do? Look at the picture of the ant. It says it all. If you are motivated, you can outperform your own thought strengths. I am already motivated in my personal “quest” for societal transformation, towards a better new world, or who knows, maybe even towards a new golden age. I like to add my own little mini tiny value to that. If I don’t, I have only to blame myself for not having given it a chance. And I don’t want to blame myself. So I take my own responsbility by believing this can be done if we are willing to believe in it and are motivated to make it happen. Happy limit searching for those who are willing!


Clouds and Dinosaurs: A Team With A Future

Inspired by the Twitter quest of @ewoutvermeulen “Looking for a picture of a #dinosaur saying that this #cloud thing never will work. #humor I composed this picture. Just for fun… Oh, and by the way: Cloud Computing will never truly succeed if we ignore the dinosaurs (I also love this article about it). But if we help them a bit with their modernization efforts we will have a perfect team with a golden future!

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