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How To Overcome Fear For Simplification: Make It Simple, Not Easy

simplistic_vs_simplicity“It is not the fear for complexity, but the fear for simplification that sustains a perpetual, omnipresent fire-fighting culture.” I don’t think this quote was ever recorded before by anyone else so I’ll just claim it here now until proven wrong.

I believe the drivers to let us act simplistic are very much in line with the enumeration of the ‘simplistic’ column in the picture in the left. Some of us are plain ignorant which makes us seek for the most simple solution that fits into our head, not into that of the customer or stakeholder we work for. Some of us would want to make things simpler, but get distracted because of fire-fighting and have to extinguish that first. Because that is more important. So they lose their attention and make it thus easy upon themselves, and difficult upon their customer. Then we have people who are just lazy and know very well things can be made simpler, but why hurry? They don’t really see the need for themselves and make it easy upon themselves this way. And then there are those that are deceived, by some form of authority they believe they have to follow blindfolded. So they make it easy upon themselves and upon their authority. But not on their customers.

So what should we then do to make it really simple? Well, first of all, it’s not easy. But it’s a real challenge, which can create win-win for all, provided we’re open enough to try it. We should become aware. We should gain knowledge. We should build up a spirit of wanting to serve and help others. We should foster honesty and sincerity instead of authority. And by combining all of these drivers, we make it simple for them, and will get many rewards. Good luck in finding your own path from simplistic thinking and acting to simplicity thinking and acting. tedx17-simple


A World With Unique Human Beings Needs Human-Centric Service Designs

We human beings are individuals. We are, literally, in-dividable. Unable to divide. Like atoms. Unique. And despite each of us being a unique, in-dividable being, we have a lot of things in common. But it’s in the commonality domain where we often take decisions more in favor on the common than on the individual aspects.

I have observed many times that the majority of commonality or services oriented decisions we make lead to one-size-fits-all concepts such as generalization, categorization, standardisation or centralisation. I believe these decisions are mostly driven by fear, lazyness or just plain incompetence. Fear for not achieving maximum efficiency. Fear for not achieving the maximum synergy. Fear for having to cope with more complexity. Lazyness because it makes systems operations easier. Lazyness because it makes design easier. Lazyness because it makes change management or project management easier.  Incompetence just because we haven’t yet invented how to design complex systems for complex worlds.

But how would our world look if we stopped generalizing and started designing our world just as it is? A world that is complicated and full of unique living beings with unique service requirements? Instead of falling back on the easy-way out abstracted, generalized “types” that favor a minority above the majority. Time for change!

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