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From Scared Beings To Sacred Beings

on-the-same-radarMany of us have been grown up in societies where fear is part of everyday life. All kinds of fears. These fears have developed us over many years (eons?) into scared beings, primarily focused on self-protection. We have forgotten that fear was only meant to protect from physical danger but we have developed it as an instrument to protect us from ANY danger. This might seem like a good strategy but it unfortunately can easily lead to greedy strategies. This in turn can easily lead to scarcity propagation or finding the optimum in scarcity instead of finding the optimum in abundance. This scarcity thinking might in turn ultimately have led us towards the many crises. So you can easily see there is no real societal value in fear as instrument for non-physical protection. In fact it’s a complete waste. It lowers vibrations and shuts us down for uplifting, positive energies. So what should we do? Well, it’s quite easy. Start with awareness. Raise your consciousness about fear. Think about where it adds value and where it’s only a human-invented illusion. As soon as you start seeing and valuing these illusions, you will have a good starting point to rethink things. And remove fears where they only destroy value. Good luck in your transformation from a scared being to a sacred being!


Examining The Consciousness Firewall

conscious-firewallGlobal consciousness is a growing phenomenon. And yet, it seems we are still suffering from consciousness firewalls. These illusionary firewalls are blocking breakthrough ideas, thoughts, potential inventions to reach a certain population. And last but not least, some of these ideas could carry the solution or direction to solve (some of) worlds problems and crises. But if they don’t reach the ones they should reach, they remain of no real value. Think of the improvements we could make to our beautiful world if we could combine real problem solvings ideas and we could reach out to those that are in a position and willing to translate them into action. The improvement potential could be enormous. But what would it take to really combine these breakthrough improvement ideas to reach those people that could make the difference putting them into action?    conscious-no-firewall

Stop Writing, Stop Reading, Start Trusting

information-overload-5Information overload is something we can really suffer from. We are increasingly capable of producing much more information collectively than we’ll ever be able to consume individually. So there must be a lot of wasted information out there. Produced but not consumed.  Or consumed, filtered, and categorized as ‘waste of time’.  Certain readers could categorize this very blog to also be in that category of information overload or waste. But we tend to blame ourselves for not being able to filter the overload on information. The more we start trusting each other, the less we need to write things done to prove the trust, and the less we need to read the stuff that is there to convince each other to trust each other.

So an effective means against information overload is trust. Another effective means we need to further develop is global consciousness. The more the global consciousness, the less we will need to convince each other about what’s happening in the world.  A third tool is universal consciousness. This is a tool  duo-thinkingwe also need to develop further. It is based on more and more people who are capable of understanding each other’s thoughts and intentions ‘naturally’ or ‘intuitively’ without having to first produce ‘material’ information intended to be consumed using regular communication channels. These 3 tools together can become increasingly effective information overload mitigations.

The Universe Within You Cannot Exist Without You, The Universe Without You Cannot Exist Within You

universe-within-2Some breathtaking ‘universal’ statements, giving food for thought:

  • “You have two eyes, each composed of 130 million photoreceptor cells. In each one of those cells, there are 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) atoms – that’s more than all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star, billions of years ago, & yet, here they are today, being utilized to capture the energy released from that same process. All to expand the consciousness of YOU. The Universe has an interesting sense of irony, in that you are the Universe experiencing itself. And all you are is a thought.” ~ Anonymous
  • “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
  • “Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery — the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets — is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together.” ~ Alan Watts

What Matters Most Is That Matter No Longer Matters Most

big-bang-history-timelineConsider the universe. Something that matters. Full of matter. Let’s assume it started with a big bang and is ever expanding. Let’s also assume we are now at a kind of treshold where mankind’s consciousness is opening up, and starts expanding together with the universe. The expanding rate of the universe slowly but surely comes into sync with humanities global consciousness rate. What would it look like?

Picture yourself that our internal brain network (a closed ecosystem) starts opening up and connecting with other brain networks, leading to connected ecosystems. And suppose more and more persons are able to transmit brainwaves with increasingly higher frequencies, and at the same time, more and more persons develop the capability to absorb these higher frequencies, then the net effect could be that we are actually transforming into an increasing global consciousness.

And with this increasing global consciousness, we will be increasingly better able to understand each others pains. This increased awareness will give us the understanding that we need to help each other, take care of each other. Because we start to see that’s the only sustainable way that will let us survive in an ever expanding universe. And thus, our global consciousness is only an intermediate step away of universal consciousness. And the more we are globally conscious, the less matter matters. Because the thoughts we create together create matter. And that matters most because we finally come to the point where mind over matter is no longer just some nice quote but actually reality. How are your mind over matter capabilities developing?mind-over-matter

Beautiful World

Our world is a beautiful planet worth living on. But how did humanity come to the point where we are now, spoiling the earth, creating crisis after crisis? There has to be a better way. I sincerely hope and believe that global consciousness will help lift her out of the negative spiral she is currently in, and transform her into a more positive spiral with abundance and prosperity for everyone. I believe the uprising global consciousness might just be the trigger for reversing the propagation direction. So that we all become more and more aware that we are not only looking at our world but are part of it.

Manifesto Manifesto

Picture source hereLet’s face it: the time of manifesto’s is over, isn’t it? It feels like yet another set of “must-do” values others have thought for us. As if it were some kind of new “law” to abide to. And yet, they do carry some intrinsic value. Especially if you first simplify them. Leave out the parts that are obvious. And then with the leftovers, see if you can combine them. Then try to find the elements that can be integrated into a more cohesive, stronger whole. A whole that might even be positioned to be shared as part of our emerging collective, global or universal consciousness. In this way, individual manifesto’s submerge into a manifesto of manifesto’s. Want some more examples or inspiration? Take a look at this mindmap. The mindmap contains a (very small) subset of all existing manifesto’s and some statements that might also be regarded as manifesto’s.

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