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How Fear Feeds The Spiral of Silence and What You Can Do About It

What do you think about the picture of the two trees that together “embed” a woman’s face? Picture source here. I think it’s a beautiful example of how creativity can work. I stumbled upon it when googling “creativity spiral”. It inspired me to write this post. And I thought to link the topic to the Spiral of Silence and how that relates to fear. Now what’s this about the spiral of silence? What exactly is it and how does it relate to fear? Wikipedia says the following: “…it’s the spiral of silence that begins with fear of reprisal or isolation, and escalates from there. The fear of isolation is the centrifugal force that accelerates the spiral of silence…”¬† What is boils down to is that public opinion and how that is influenced by the mainstream media influences a lot of people who “go with the flow” and this follow the spiral of silence. Wikipedia says: “…The mass media have an enormous impact on how public opinion is portrayed, and can dramatically impact an individual’s perception about where public opinion lies, whether or not that portrayal is factual…” The power of public opinion can be overwhelming, for example 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong. Or lots of (main stream) media shout that we’re going to the Cloud so that must be true, isn’t it? So even if you don’t believe the public opinion, chances are that fear of not following the public opinion puts you in a minority position. And a lot of people fear to be in minority. They rather keep silent than become a minority position. So then you become almost automatically part of the spiral of silence. Now what could you do about it? Well, in fact it’s quit simple. If fear is the dominant driving force that puts you into the spiral of silence, next time, try to reduce it’s impact by exercising the opposite of fear: Love. It’s that simple.¬†Good luck!


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