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Energizing The Organization Or Organizing The Energy?

energizingIf you want to create a synergistic effect, there are at least two ways. You can form an organization and then by polarizing (energizing) it you assume it will automagically start creating synergy. This is because you know that bringing in polarisation will trigger the competitive process between ‘nodes’, which must be separated to allow for the competition. And triggered by this competition, you assume synergy will automatically emerge. You might be right.

On the other hand you could decide not to form a polarized organization but organize the neutral, non polarised energy you are willing to bring in, in such a way that it can flow freely between the ‘nodes’. Competition is not relevant in this variant because  the freely flowing energy itself is already a stimulus for creativity. From this creativity you assume that synergy will emerge later.  You might be right again. Especially if you look at organizing from an attention point of view instead of a competition point of view and honor the quotes of Heinz Pagels: “The visible world is the invisible organization of Energy” and  Neil deGrasse Tyson:  “We are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically.”   Good luck finding your energizing algorithm!energy


A New Golden Age Needs More Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

The title for this blog was waiting in my blog inspiration list to get it’s story attached, but when I started drafting, I experienced writer’s block. So I took a little inspiration by Googling on “Golden Age” and “Out-of-the-box thinkers” and found some text fragments that drew my attention:  “we are entering a new golden age, where machines will do all of our work”.  Suppose this statement is true, and most work is indeed done by machines, then we could spend our daily available hours also for other things. For example to better take care of our world (spending time inventing real sustainable solutions, for example concepts like free energy), spending more time helping each other (a servant society) and spending more time taking care of ourselves (recreate, doing sports etc.). But we would really need more out-of-the-box thinkers to help us transform into such a society.

We need out-of-the-box-thinkers that can envision fresh new ideas and concepts, for example the concept that reducing the average working week hours could be part of the solution for solving many of our current crises. But on the other hand if we stick to letting inside-the-box thinkers control the way our society evolves, than the chances of really transforming to a new golden age will diminish. Why is that? I think it’s because of fear of changing the well-known context to an unknown context. Fear blocks the inside-the-box-thinkers.

In-the-box thinkers find it difficult to recognize the quality of an idea. An idea is an idea. A solution is a solution. In fact, they can be quite pigheaded when it comes to valuing an idea. They rarely invest time to turn a mediocre solution into a great solution. More importantly, in-the-box thinkers are skillful at killing ideas. They are masters of the creativity killer attitude such as “that’ll never work” or “it’s too risky.” The best in-the-box thinkers are unaware that they drain the enthusiasm and passion of innovative thinkers while they kill their innovative ideas. They also believe that every problem needs only one solution; therefore, finding more than one possible solution is a waste of time. They often say, “There is no time for creative solutions. We just need THE solution.”

So I really wish our society many new outside-the-box-thinkers that help us solve all of our crises and really help us transform to a new Golden Age. Outside-the-box-thinkers that help inside-the-box-thinkers conquer their fears of change. It can be done. If we all want to. Happy Golden Age hunting!

Funny Creatures (And What To Do About It)

We human beings (not you and me, but all the others ofcourse) are Funny Creatures. We are the product of four billion years of evolution but our brains still seem to have a lot of catching up to do. Even though our brains were designed with sections for creativity, design, responsibility, management etc. we still seem to have big problems combining these. Yes we can be creative. Yes we can design. Yes we can be responsible. Yes we can manage.  How come then, that we are creating all kinds of crises in our beautiful world? Is it because we are afraid to really use our creativity? Or is it because we believe that the way to manage our world is rooted in the mgmt systems we have become used to? Or is it because we are afraid to stir up things we have become used to? Or it it because we think we cannot take a big leap? Maybe we are afraid that the outcome of a totally new creative direction might not be fully predictable? And because of that, we rather stick to what we know? And thus sustain the crises?

Maybe the time is about right for a really big leap in thinking, and a radical new way of looking at the future of our world. If we don’t intervene, chances are we will amplify and speed-up the downward spiral we’re already in. But if we do intervene (because in effect we all carry more than enough beauty, creativity and intelligence inside), we might just be able to lift the world to an upward spiral. It can be done and it doesn’t cost a thing. You only need to have faith, just like me. Happy Upwards Spiraling!

Sharing Creativity Will Make Our World A Better Place

There are a lot of creative souls out there. And yet it’s hard to really unleash the total creativity available. Part of this “problem” is that many institutions still tend to bind their creative souls so they become more or less dedicated for their institution. Helping create Intellectual Property. So that the institution can compete against others. Red Ocean Strategies prevail in this scenario. And often make institutions put profits inside own pockets. And share the benefits with a minority. Maybe a better strategy would be to share creativity. So that with this share creativity we can create a better world for all of us much faster then we can do now. So let’s start sharing world’s creative power more and more. Happy creativity sharing!

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