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The Cure for Non-Curiosity

The others (not you and me) all have learning fears. It might be because whatever they learn could potentially reveal something new that might puts them out of our comfort zone. For example, their comfort zone might lie in being a specialist in some area. And let’s be honest: nobody wants to be voluntarily pulled out of their comfort zone. Or loose ‘status’, going from specialist to generalist. But suppose they could together achieve a better world, with same or higher level of comfort? And be facilited to achieve it. Giving each other room. Helping each other out where possible. So that they all become curious for learning new things. Not afraid for innovations anymore. Willing to take learning riscs. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? I have already started my own path of never-ending curiosity. And I enjoy it! 


How Your Curiosity Can Kill Your Fears

Let’s face it: Curiosity Killed The Fears. The famous quote of Dany Gokey “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity” inspired me to write this post. I called it “Curiosity killed the fears” because I believe this is one of the tools we could apply to conquer some of our fears. Since we all have reptilian-like brains that are conditioned to let us act in fight or flight responses, the urge to be curious is often automatically blocked. But look at how it could be: the dolphin can see the tiger and vice-versa but they can’t hurt each other. The same for the cat and the mouse, and the polar bear and the child and the rhino and the bird. Lot’s more of comparable examples out there. So there is no need for fear, but there is need for curiousity! So don’t be afraid, replace fear of the unknown with curiousity. Just try it, it won’t hurt you!

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