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The Beauty Of Fruition

fruitionThe beauty of fruition requires the torture of waiting for the seed to grow. Sowing new seeds is a beautiful process if you look closely at what happens. Florida Scott-Maxwell said: “Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition”. This is heads on. In nature, the process of fruition is in fact a very destructive process. The seed comes to fruition by destroying its container, it’s parent, it’s predecessor. But if we look at our human invented (societal) systems, it seems they don’t really follow nature’s fruition process. Because they do “sow” new seeds, but hardly ever destroy the containers from which they originated. Which can leave us with more and more ‘legacy’  containers that tend to make things incredibly complex, increasingly slow and difficult to innovate and increasingly costly because these “unwanted” legacy containers cannot be left totally without a basic form of maintenance.

Not destroying the containers, not cleaning up the legacy can have enormous negative side effects. It’s probably the fear for this destructive process that is withholding us from regular cleaning up. What would happen if we really destroyed legacy containers for every new fruition that is a better replacement of it’s legacy ‘container’? Who knows. It might be a better strategy in the end. But how do we conquer the fear for this kind of destruction and how do we organize it in such a way that there will be no losers in this never-ending game of creation-destruction? In nature, the legacy (seed container) is more or less automatically “recycled”, but in human invented systems, a lot of human values play a crucial role. So the real challenge is to find out creation cycles that renew what we want to renew, destroy what we think can be destroyed and all of this without harming any human concerns.


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