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Time For You To Press The F5 button: Leaving the Taylor-made Era, Entering the Tailor-made Era

Taylor with his principles of Scientific Management has helped us get where we are today. Many organizations adopted his theory and tried it out in practice. Many succeeded but also many failed. But if you look at the crises the world is in, one can see that Taylor hasn’t really helped us stay out of them. So there’s time for a reboot. We need to press the F5 key and rethink management techniques. We should become aware that The Taylor-made era lies behind us and a new, I call it “tailor-made” era lies before us. In this new era, the focus could be increasingly less on efficiency to the extreme or as the dominant Business driver, and refocus more on supporting “tailor-made” innovations that benefit more people, more focus on effectiveness instead of efficiency. So increasingly lesser focus on supporting the greed culture by techniques such as cost reductions to the extreme and more focus on helping each other out, given the major challenges we face as a society. So the Dutch word “samenleving”  which literally translated becomes “living together” should be taken more seriously and lived up to it’s original expectations. We should become aware that we live on this earth to help each other, giving things to each other and make things beneficial for the human race as a whole, not for only specific groups of people…


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