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Can I Help You Opening Your Eyes?

discovery-1Most of us are still blindfolded, following the illusionary fear and control-based systems and strategies we have invented ourselves long time ago. This was a deliberate experience path for humanity. It was the only way for us to understand why the duality-based approach in the end is not sustainable. By actually experiencing the very destructive effects these illusions can create for our beautiful world we are collectively learning there has to be another way. And there is! It’s now the time where we can leave this destructive path we needed for our learning experiences and start on a new constructive, sustainable path beneficial for all. soul_searching_michaeloIt doesn’t hurt at all. All we need to do is open our eyes and open our hearts to discover the illusions that have kept humanity in a kind of dream-state for many centuries. Replace the fear of discovering what lies beyond these illusions with curiosity and we will learn bit by bit to open up. And let’s not blame anyone because we we in this experience all together. There is no need to blame anyone. Good luck discovering your path on opening up to a new, beautiful Golden Age.


Relax! Faith Can Only Be Achieved Through Experience

The article “The lifting of the veil” states: “We currently inhabit a Science paradigm. Science seems to operate from the smallest verifiable level upwards towards the heavens, whereas the Spiritual community comes from the largest down to the smallest. One major difference being that science is based on being able to verify and duplicate “Facts” whereas spirituality is based on Faith and is seemingly at odds with science. Faith is the drive within humans for something beyond metaphor. Science says there is nothing beyond metaphor.”  I wonder which metaphor science has for the situations as shown in the pictures, where faith seems to play a major role. And there are lots of daily situations where you just don’t have the time for scientific approaches and therefore you have to rely on faith.

So I believe science has it’s part in helping our world getting better, but I also believe spirituality can play a part in creating a better world. Both science ans spirituality can easily benefit from eachother provided they are willing to learn from each other. Or as the Pateo academy states: “Science without spirituality is dead and without soul. Spirituality without science is fantasy and ungrounded.” 

Given all this, what could we do? Suppose you are facing a situation where scientific approach doesn’t directly help you further, you might try a spiritual approach, for example by letting your intuition decide for you instead of decision making based on scientific proof. It’s not that difficult at all. It requires only a bit of faith and a bit of practicing.  Happy experiencing!

Relax! Take Your Time To Learn

Have you heard about the Cool School of Life Long Learning? It really exists! And it was designed to let you relax. Because there is so much to learn, it takes more than an average human’s lifetime. So this means our life must be stuffed with learning experiences. And learning experiences take time. That’s why our world isn’t perfect. Because we all are experiencing. If there was a perfect world, there would be no experience. And without experience the will to say yes or no to a new creation is not possible. So we need experiences. We need an athmosfere that allows learning mistakes. And because we all have a different understanding of everything, we need to give eachother room for misinterpretations. Allow others than ourselves to make the same kind of learning mistakes we make. And don’t forget, anybody can try to explain something to anybody else, but will never be able to understand it for another! You have to do that all by yourselves. That is your learning path. And that is why we should take it all a bit more relaxed. Allow ourselves time to learn. Have a good and relaxed learning journey! Picture originals here and here.

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