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The Beauty of Decomposition

road-insideWe humans tend to create new stuff more or less in an incremental way. We tend to create and then build things, analyze what we have built and compensate the flaws mainly on the exterior. Polishing here and there a little, small non-scary stuff. Often because we are scared to admit we made a judgement error when we designed something. These types of fears tend to keep us back from a more radical renewal (recreation). So to really re-create asks for more courage and true leadership. You sometimes need to decompose what you have created earlier, in order to recreate it into a new, better suiting style, more fit-for-purpose. When Marylin Monroe† still lived she once said: “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”. She was so right! Sometimes we deliberately need to let ‘good’ things fall apart so we can recreate better things. Then the trick is, to show respect for the ‘good’ things, agree with the ones involved that there is a better way do things and go for it together. So decomposition need not be scary at all, if we do it with the idea of a better win-win for all in mind, we can even enjoy the tearing apart of the old and the recreation of the new. Good luck with your quest for finding out your own beauties of decomposition and recreation!


From A Mass-Fear Controlled Democracy To A Mass-Compassion Controlled Loveacracy

fear-is-a-perceptionJames Bovard once said: “As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled. That is how it works in a democratic system and mass fear becomes the ticket to destroy rights across the board.” He must have known how fear can work to suppress the masses. This is still day-to-day practice in many countries of the world. It is rooted deep in patriarchy and has become an auto-pilot culture that many people not even tend to debate. We act as if this is the normal way to go. Just because we got used to it during many eons of time.

But if we could transition towards a new ‘ruling’ concept based on the opposite of fear, which is Love, would we also do it? Or would we fear that such a transition is impossible or too complex? Well, it is not complex at all. All it requires it that you change your mindset. Change your focus. Stop with the ego-centric competing with each other for a small piece of a very large abundant cake. Start having compassion for each other and instead compete on how good you can help your fellow Earth inhabitants. Accept that mass-fear is nothing more than a personal perception for each of us allowing the perception. Is there an antidote? Yes there is. Let’s call it a Loveacracy: a kind of democracy where compassion and Love for each other rule the development of our beautiful planet. Good luck with your personal quest for institutionalizing your own Loveacracy!

From Scared Beings To Sacred Beings

on-the-same-radarMany of us have been grown up in societies where fear is part of everyday life. All kinds of fears. These fears have developed us over many years (eons?) into scared beings, primarily focused on self-protection. We have forgotten that fear was only meant to protect from physical danger but we have developed it as an instrument to protect us from ANY danger. This might seem like a good strategy but it unfortunately can easily lead to greedy strategies. This in turn can easily lead to scarcity propagation or finding the optimum in scarcity instead of finding the optimum in abundance. This scarcity thinking might in turn ultimately have led us towards the many crises. So you can easily see there is no real societal value in fear as instrument for non-physical protection. In fact it’s a complete waste. It lowers vibrations and shuts us down for uplifting, positive energies. So what should we do? Well, it’s quite easy. Start with awareness. Raise your consciousness about fear. Think about where it adds value and where it’s only a human-invented illusion. As soon as you start seeing and valuing these illusions, you will have a good starting point to rethink things. And remove fears where they only destroy value. Good luck in your transformation from a scared being to a sacred being!

Decision Making: Ready For Evolution?

emotionelechantage Fear was never meant to be used as part of decision making processes. And yet we use fear in our daily lives to make decisions as if it were the most normal practice every. We are used to decide under self-inflected pressures, informed by all kinds of fear. For example fearing to fail, fearing to be not succesful, fearing not to have personal benefits, fearing our ego is not being fed, fearing we miss out on something, fearing we are not on time, fearing we are not within budget, fearing for inconsistency, fearing for incompetency etc.

But fear was only meant to protect us from physical dangers (for example when a Lion comes running toward you to eat you), not to protect from mental dangers!  So strictly speaking, fear should not have to be a necessary or mandatory element in decision making processing.

But what’s the alternative? What about using decision making based on positive values only, removed from any fear? For example decide based upon the perceived benefit of service to others and/or service to the planet. Simple. Maybe even an eye-opener to some. Good luck in discovering your own decision making evolution.eye-opener

How To Overcome Fear For Simplification: Make It Simple, Not Easy

simplistic_vs_simplicity“It is not the fear for complexity, but the fear for simplification that sustains a perpetual, omnipresent fire-fighting culture.” I don’t think this quote was ever recorded before by anyone else so I’ll just claim it here now until proven wrong.

I believe the drivers to let us act simplistic are very much in line with the enumeration of the ‘simplistic’ column in the picture in the left. Some of us are plain ignorant which makes us seek for the most simple solution that fits into our head, not into that of the customer or stakeholder we work for. Some of us would want to make things simpler, but get distracted because of fire-fighting and have to extinguish that first. Because that is more important. So they lose their attention and make it thus easy upon themselves, and difficult upon their customer. Then we have people who are just lazy and know very well things can be made simpler, but why hurry? They don’t really see the need for themselves and make it easy upon themselves this way. And then there are those that are deceived, by some form of authority they believe they have to follow blindfolded. So they make it easy upon themselves and upon their authority. But not on their customers.

So what should we then do to make it really simple? Well, first of all, it’s not easy. But it’s a real challenge, which can create win-win for all, provided we’re open enough to try it. We should become aware. We should gain knowledge. We should build up a spirit of wanting to serve and help others. We should foster honesty and sincerity instead of authority. And by combining all of these drivers, we make it simple for them, and will get many rewards. Good luck in finding your own path from simplistic thinking and acting to simplicity thinking and acting. tedx17-simple

Fighting Fear With Firefighting Makes No Sense

four-senses-wheelInspired by this article I started thinking about the idea of “the sense of” and about what makes or doesn’t make sense. The idea for a “four senses wheel” was born. I arranged these four senses in a balanced quadrant so that the duality aspects became more visible as opposed to only looking at textual explanations. I was convinced that the sense of “Hurry” should  be replaced by the sense of “Fire” so that it could be better emphasized that in this quartile we are primarily talking about Firefighting drivers. I also was convinced that the sense of “Fear” is often used to drive us into Firefighting strategies. For example the fear of Failure drives us to finish our work On Time, On Budget without even thinking if this is always realistic. It sometimes seems even just plain stupid to finish something too early or too cheap. So these two “senses” are in my viewpoint primary drivers for stimulating individual (and company) Ego’s and they belong according to my viewpoint ‘below the equator’.

Then we have the two remaining senses left. I think that sense of “Urgency” fits well to what we are doing to our world (on e.g. Ecological point of view). We should feel collectively that there is urgent need to rethink the way we are currently consuming Earth in a non-circular way. And so this leaves us with the sense of “Excitement” which in my opinion should be the primary driver that will stimulate us to both take better care of our World AND take better care of each other. A win-win for all provided we are willing to shift our thinking from below the equator (sense of fire, sense of fear) to above the equator (sense of urgency, sense of excitement). It can be done. We only need to imagine it can and have the honest intention to make it possible. We can help making it true. But it’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of this thrilling possibility. Good luck with your discovery of the Four Senses Wheel and hopefully you will Start Making Sense. It Makes Sense!start-making-sense

There Is No ‘Boss of the World’ So Better Take Your Own Responsibility In Saving It

boss-3 Hiding from the truth and transferring your personal responsibility to someone else, is something we probably all like to do from time to time. It’s very easy to say: “They should change something”, “The politicians are to blame”, “It was not me who was part of this idea” or “I love to change the world but I will not start until another starts first”. Etc. It’s a normal reaction. It’s based on fear. Fear to be the first. Fear to take initiative. Fear to be the leader. Fear to be hurt when something goes wrong. But we should fear even more the things that could go wrong if none of us actually does change something for the better. So get rid of the idea that you need someone outside you to get you started. You only need yourself. The only authority you need to take an initiative is that of yourself. You alone are responsible for your life. I am finding out for myself how to this works, and so far it’s not at all something I need to fear. So I wish you good luck in taking your own responsibility!responsible-3

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