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For Re-Members Only: Forgetting Before Re-Membering

Did you know that we have all come to this beautiful starship Earth to have (learning) experiences? And that in order to have these experiences, we first must have forgotten them. Otherwise they would not be experiences. So by having forgotten experiences, it gives us the free will to be able to create something new, and experience that. And then, only after the creation, we can remember what we created. And add it to our knowledge. Literally “re” “member” it. Add a new “member” to the list. So (s)he is re-membered. People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. So they need experiences. And just like Paulo Coelho once stated: there is nothing that can replace experience so we must be brave and take riscs. Henry David Thoreau also knew: it is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know. And even Lao-Tzu said: those who have knowledge, don’t predict, those who predict, don’t have knowledge. So predictions therefore can have the side effect of inhibiting experiences or making them less attractive. It’s as if part of the experience is already in the prediciton. Allmost the same applies for standards, rules, procedures, laws, plans, strategies etc. These are all more or less techniques that inhibit having full experience. So if we want to have a world where people have attractive learning possibilities, we must from time to time forget so we can re-member!


Intentions For 2012 – Start Loving the Here and Now

If you believe what all the trendwatchers and futurists predict, than 2012 certainly will become a year with some major changes ahead. Whatever predictions turn out to be true or not, I decided I will go my own way and use my own pace. And if the changes that were predicted really happen, I am more than ready for them. My basic approach for this is to make myself acquainted with the predictions and then “go with the flow”. I will increase dreaming and thinking about the things I really want and in this way stimulate creating my own preferred reality. I will put some extra effort in being more friendly to people in my environment. And practice exchanging basically positive thoughts and opinions. Practice the Universal Law of Attraction. Stay away from negative forces if they come on my path. And give more without asking something in return. And giving things that people really want to have, instead of the things I think they need or should need. Practice the Universal Law of Free Will. I will put more attention to my own personal goals. I will try to learn each day from the people in my environment and from well-known great minds. I will listen more to my (intuitive) heart and less to my (rational) brain and balance the two. I will put more emphasis on living in the here and now. Here and now is the only time and place that is relevant. This approach will help me focussing less on the past which cannot be changed anyway. It will also help me focussing less on the future which will come as it is planned and when it is planned. This way, I don’t spend too much time in periods that cannot be changed anyway. So living in the here and now will help me enjoying those moments to the fullest. And finally, I will put more effort in examining suppressed fears so I can try to handle them appropriately. Practice respect and love where appropriate. Stimulate curiosity to conquer fears. What about you: do you want to share your intentions?

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