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From Business To Jozyness: Being Busy While Having Fun!

fizzynessBusiness is usually about being Busy. Busy making profits, making sure you beat your competitors in a never-ending rat race towards (mostly) temporary successes. It costs people a lot of Energy. And because we put so much pressure on ourselves trying to win this illusionary rat race, we tend to make Business a very, very serious game. It almost automatically will lead to stress, anger and fear and all kinds of other negative energies. These negative energies are often self-enforcing. The universal law of attraction is at work here: negative energy attracts negative energy. And thus keeps the rat race alive. So what would happen if Businesses worldwide would introduce Joy in Business as part of their overall Strategies? (I call it Jozyness). Imagine what that would do to the Energy! It could turn negative Energy into positive Energy (remember the law of attraction). All we need to do is start adopting a totally free tool called Focus. Shift focus from being serious to being serious AND having fun and joy while doing Business. The world would transform! It can be done. You only have to start yourself. And it only costs Focus. Nothing more. Good luck with your personal shift of focus from negative to positive Energy and your personal transformation of Business to Jozyness.


From Parttime to Partytime

Being part of something can be fun, isn’t it? It seems we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) divide ourselves into parts all the time. We are full-time humans with part-time roles like man or woman, husband, loving husband, wife, inhabitant, soloist, civilian, tourist, employee, cardriver, scholar, bicycle driver, swimmer, holiday enjoyer, traveller, eater, drinker, fitnesser, weightwatcher, expert, sleeper, pet lover, bookreader, music listener, movie watcher, guitarplayer, taxpayer, shopper, philosopher, creator, co-creator, collegue, student, puzzler, player, swimmer, partyanimal, artist, participant, blogwriter etc.

Ofcourse this list is not exhaustive, it’s just to give an idea into how many parts (roles) we human beings can divide ourselves. But not all of these parts are fun. For example taxpayer. Or we accept the non-fun parts just because we have got used to it. Or because we think or assume there are no alternatives.

Now how could we transform our society so that most of the (partial) roles we humans play are fun, and the ones we all believe are not fun, get minimized? Would that be possible?  I believe it can be done! If we really wanted to, we could “redesign” society so that most of the things we do (roles we play) together as a society are fun or feel good or are nice. Only because we want it to. Because we think it can be done. Because we want to have a nice world. Because we want to have a new Golden Age. Therefore we maybe need to transform from part-time thinking to party-time thinking. Embrace paradigm changes. Happy party-time hunting!

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