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Daredevils are Angels – Do You Agree?

One of the effects of the crises is that you can see more and more mavericks or daredevils standing up speaking out freely. They are often the people that think indepedently, in a non-conformistic way. They challenge The System as it is now. They are actively looking for ways to renew it or they discuss about it and inspire others. They are the ones that dare to challenge The System because they see it is not truly viable anymore. So maybe we don’t need to call them daredevils, mavericks, non-conformists, radical thinkers or the like. Instead, we should call them Angels because that’s what they really are. They’ve come to rescue our society by helping us rethinking The System so it becomes Viable again.  And they earn a great applaude for their courage. And they need our full support to prevent the Galileo Galilei syndrome happening (sending Galileo to prison because he challenged the dogma that the earth stood still).


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