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If I Could Make A Wish…

wishFrom my spaceship I look at our beautiful harbour Gaia. I see her getting smaller and smaller and yet at the same time the gut feeling overwhelms me that we are treating her very bad because of our never-ending quest for over production and over consumption. But I also see some beautiful light coming in from space, on its way to help us. This light tells us that we are now ready to enter a new era. A new Golden Age, or maybe even a new Golden Millennium. Where governing based on scarcity is no longer the magical means for renewal based on growth, but governing based on abundance will lead us to renewal based on sustainability. My wish is that the credo “there are enough good goods for everyone, if everyone is prepared to accept that enough good goods are good enough” will come true.


Can I Help You Opening Your Eyes?

discovery-1Most of us are still blindfolded, following the illusionary fear and control-based systems and strategies we have invented ourselves long time ago. This was a deliberate experience path for humanity. It was the only way for us to understand why the duality-based approach in the end is not sustainable. By actually experiencing the very destructive effects these illusions can create for our beautiful world we are collectively learning there has to be another way. And there is! It’s now the time where we can leave this destructive path we needed for our learning experiences and start on a new constructive, sustainable path beneficial for all. soul_searching_michaeloIt doesn’t hurt at all. All we need to do is open our eyes and open our hearts to discover the illusions that have kept humanity in a kind of dream-state for many centuries. Replace the fear of discovering what lies beyond these illusions with curiosity and we will learn bit by bit to open up. And let’s not blame anyone because we we in this experience all together. There is no need to blame anyone. Good luck discovering your path on opening up to a new, beautiful Golden Age.

Without Deviation From The Norm, Progress Is Not Possible

The title of this blog is in fact a quote from Frank Zappa. I like it because I think we need to deviate from certain norms if we want to really create a better world and say farewell to all our crises. We have to get rid of our fears. Just like @transarchitect tweeted: “Not only is fear the root of many of our problems, it is also leads us to resist the changes that would help solve our existing problems.

But it’s not only fears that hinder us. For example look at the article mentioned in this recent tweet from @petervan “The third industrial revolution | The Economist > Wow! “instinct to protect what already exists” Curious if I could find any root causes for this instinct to protect, a few essential lines in the article got me thinking about root causes:

  • “And with the internet allowing ever more designers to collaborate on new products, the barriers to entry are falling.” What happens? When we see that barriers to entry are falling our first instinct will say to us to protect our Business. Because we might fear to loose our Business. But what can we do to deviate from our ‘instinct’ norm? For example, no longer protect the well-known but go with the same flow. Also become one of the parties that disrupt existing barriers to entry. Instead of fighting the competitors, work with the competitors. Transform from red-ocean strategy thinking to blue-ocean strategy thinking. Join, collaborate, co-create, connect. Relax and let go of overly controls.
  • “The factory of the future will focus on mass customisation”. So we are transforming from mass production to mass customisation. Fits well with consumerization. What can we do? Put the innovation power to the consumer. Release the fear of not being maximally efficient. Replace with strategy to be maximally effective. Let the consumer co-create. Deliver an innovative infrastructure that makes this possible. Relax and let go of overly controls.
  • “Like all revolutions, this one will be disruptive”  At first sight, our instinct would guide us to fight the disruption. But probably a better strategy will be to not fight is but ride it (ride the wave, go with the flow, let go of control). Relax and let go of overly controls.
  • “The lines between manufacturing and services are blurring” We are transforming from a product-based economy to a services-based economy. So there will be a lot of new opportunities. A lot of new jobs. A lot of new challenges. A lot of compelling cases. And a lot of possibilities to transform to a beautiful new world, towards a new “Golden” age.

So if we are willing to let go of our fears of not being totally in control, our instinct to protect the existing, well-known will be reprogrammed. Good luck with your reprogramming!

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