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What The Planet Desperately Needs Is A Major Governance Overhaul

theplanetneedsDavid Orr has a great vision. His famous words  “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds” guides us into a direction that could solve many of our current tough problems and crises. But what is it that keeps us running after each other, joining the never-ending rat race to (illusionary) success? What is the killer app that could drag us out of this self-enforcing, planet destroying negativity amplifying cycle? Is it as simple as just a mindset? Focus? Love? Care for each other? Or do we first need to redesign or re-architect some of our self-enforcing societal governance systems like Taylor’s scientific management approach, often leading to separation of thinkers and doers, or the free market principle often leading to separation of winners and losers or governmental structures often leading to separation of inhabitants and those who were originally intended to serve those inhabitants?

I personally believe it’s those major, fundamental governance systems that need to be changed. It’s not the people. We are not to blame. Not me, not you, not anybody. It’s our current fundamental governance systems that tend to attract people who are willing to enforce that governance. The universal law of attraction is at work, enabling the self enforcing. But if we would redesign these governance systems those people can and will automatically find new challenges. Because the focus would shift towards a more positive self-enforcing spiral. The universal law of attraction is again at work, but now enabling the self enforcing into a positive direction.

Any thoughts on this if this approach could work? Step by step, evolutionary, governance system by governance system or do we need a big bang governance redesign?


Governance Going Crazy (or: Deep Down Inside We Are All Governance Monsters)

governance-going-crazyThis blog is inspired by the basic premise that ‘governing’ in our world has become way too complicated. This can be seen by examining Forms of Government as an exemplary overview of Governance going Crazy! Here is a small overview with a big intended smile ;).

  • You want to solve several problems and you don’t want to do it structured? Use adhocracy but be careful not to go adhocrazy.
  • You want only male persons governing? Then you need an androcracy. And it might help if these males are a bit androgenic.
  • You want power to be spread amongst elite groups who are constantly competing with each other for power? Why not try anocracy. and reinforce the big separation between the elite and ‘we the people’.
  • You want your power to stay in the hands of a small, privileged, ruling class, then aristocracy might suit you best. Keep it small.
  • You want supreme power to be concentrated in the hands of one person? Try autocracy but be prepared to experience autocrazyness.
  • You want Banks to have excessive power (so they can lead us all into crises), then you need bankocracy.
  • You want to have economic and political systems controlled by corporations? Opt for corporatocracy. (we already have it all over the world so it’s proven practice)
  • You want to rule things by the effective use of information, you might just want to have a cyberocracy. Let the geeks rule!
  • You want ultimate authority and power to be derived from the citizens, then you definitely need a democracy. We all know how effective this system works.
  • You want two individuals to have power for life? Give diacracy a go and don’t forget to merry eachother.
  • You want citizens that can vote for their government but cannot participate directly in governmental decision-making and a government that does not share any power then you need to install an electocracy. Why should we share governance for things that affect all of us?
  • You want power to be dominated by labour and solidarities, ruled by low-class citizens? You need an ergatocracy.
  • You want a governance form where a disproportionately large number of representatives of a particular ethnic group hold a number of government posts? You will want to opt for an ethnocracy. It will help in making ethnic differences even greater than before.
  • You want regional governance guided by problem-solving and creative intelligence then you need geniocracy. But where do we find all these Einsteins?
  • You want to be governed by priests or ecclesiastics then hierocracy might help.
  • You want a real-world-tested social technology for agile and purposeful organization that radically changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed, then you are in dire need of a holacracy. Try it!
  • You want to be governed based on a dominant ideology that has become deeply ingrained into politics, then ideocracy is right for you. Nothing wrong with chasing ideal situations, agree?
  • You want all citizens to have equal power? Then isocracy is the way to go. We will together decide how we will share our power equally.
  • You don’t mind to increase the personal wealth and political power of government’s officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, then you are in favor of kleptocracy. It will help in sustaining the crises and making banks and shareholders more powerful.
  • You allow power to be taken by those who are strong enough to seize power through force or cunning, then you allow a kratocracy to develop. Applause for the stronger that conquer the weaker!
  • You want to be ruled by judges? Kritarchy is there for you. But beware: don’t judge the judges or you will be judged yourself!
  • You don’t mind to give over power to others via the tricky use of words? Maybe logocracy is a nice tool for you. You might start to learn all world’s languages if you want to a logocratic specialist.
  • You need magic governance? You need magicians that know about magocracy. Harry Potter can show you how to get started.
  • You want to make sure that power is vested in individuals according to merit, then you need meritocracy. But how will you measure the merites?
  • You feel fine with the notion that a perceived global upper-class that bases its power on a technological advantage and networking skills, governs for you? Netocracy is their preferred way of working. Good to keep the big industries influencing society at large.
  • You want a social and political system that is based on the priority of human mind, then a noocracy is a must! But don’t say no to it!
  • You think it’s ok that a mob or a mass of people, or the intimidation of legitimate authorities is the perfect way to govern. In that case you want to have an ochlocracy. Don’t let them intimidate you too much!
  • You are convinced that a de facto form of government where one or more political parties dominate the political process, rather than citizines and/or individual politician, then you are in favor of a particracy. Let the party begin.
  • You are into ‘gardening’ and want plantation owners to be the ruling class, political order or government, then go for a plantocracy. Don’t forget to water the plants.
  • You want to be ruled by the wealthy? If you think that is ok, why not go for a plutocracy. It’s ok to make them more wealthy at your expense.
  • You want the state to be ruled by more than one person? You need polycracy. Never trust a single person!
  • You are sure that public policies should be based on science, that’s why you are an advocate for a scientocracy. In science we believe, from politics we grieve.
  • You know all about how cybernetic principles can support consent-based decision-making among equivalent individuals. You want sociocracy. In cyberspace we govern…
  • You want a government form where appointing representatives by lot instead of voting is better in the end, then you need a stochocracy. Especially if you don’t want a lot of votes.
  • You are a soldier. That’s why you think government should be headed by military chiefs and you propose a stratocracy. Something wrong? Our soldiers will solve it.
  • You want scientist, engineers and technologists who have knowledge, expertise, or skill to become the governing body instead of politicians, business people and economists. Go for a technocracy! You can do it, you geek!
  • You want to be the ruler of the sea, go for a thalassocracy. But be careful not to get stuck in the sea-weeds.
  • You are in need of a government in which love of honor is the ruling principle, then you must vote for a timocracy. Honourable and memorable…
  • You don’t mind to be part of a dysfunctional system of governance whereby no single entity can acquire enough power to make decisions and take effective charge, then you can support a vetocracy. It’s a perfect way to waste time of people wanting to share power but not able to do it properly.
  • You want to govern by YouTube and alike, then you need to have a videocracy. But take care and don’t upload too much governance tube’s.

More than enough choice don’t you think? Still not found what you are looking for? You might look at Bureaucracy, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Diarchy, Matriarchy, Monarchy, Panarchy, Pantarchy, Patriarchy and Tetrarchy. Still not what you’re looking for? Dial 4-444-NEED-GOV-HELP. Good luck in your governance quest!governance-going-crazy-1

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