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What’s Your Comfort Level: Blindfolded Or Awakening?

ontwikkelenHumanity is slowly but surely waking up. More and more people are remembering ancient knowledge they already had slumbering. But there are still a lot of people who are more or less ‘sleeping’, in the comfort of their blindfold. They either don’t want to see or they are afraid to see or just don’t see at all the reality they are creating themselves. The reality that we are heading for if we keep on doing the things we allways have done. Like for instance striving for endless growth, which is basically an egocentric, greed-oriented strategy. It’s just not sustainable. So we need to find new ways to cope with growth which will no longer be endless. And forget about these old strategies. But where do we start? In fact it’s just plain simple. If you start with a mindset that you want to take care of others (no mather how few or how many or how little or how much), you have started a sustainable strategy. It’s that simple. And the more people copy your example and start to apply this strategy, the better we will take care of eachother and the less need there will be to sustain old ego-centered strategies.


Relax! Humanity’s Long Tail Has Arrived

This blog is inspired by the term ‘Slow IT” from a collegue who blogs here. The term Slow IT reminded me of one of the LinkedIn discussion groups I follow: Slow Management. But besides these two viewpoints on Slowing Down, there are a lot more slow movements. For example, an excellent summary (in Dutch) can be found here. It reminds us that we as a globalising consumption society are quickly wasting and spoiling our beautiful earth. The only thing that seems to matter is short-term wins. I win, you loose. Greedy. Egoistic.

It’s time we started to design our world for our children. And that’s why I made the Dino graphic. It’s my representation of how Humanity should be transforming from short-term goals (institutional-centric, a-social, often supported with generalisations or centralisations) to long-tail goals (human-centric, social, decentralized, localized, specialized).

It’s my dream that Humanity’s mindset evolves to this 2.0 mindset, creating a world that is not only liveable for us, but also for our children. The time to slow down the infinite growth engine of Humanity 1.0 is here now. We can create Humanity 2.0 if we want!

Relax! Infinite Growth Is Just An Illusion

Have you seen the video The Earth Is Full already? Quit scary stuff if you ask me. But then again, if you scare people, chances are, they get scared. And fear becomes their dominant driver that sets only negative things into motion. And that only amplifies the culture that has gotten into this greedy, infinite growth strategies we all know too well. All based on the (economic) illusion that scarcity thinking is the preferred management instrument of our world.

So why not turn it the other way around? Tell people there is nothing but abundance. Show them the video Abundance is our Future instead. And yes, ofcourse there is scarcity here and there but it’s more a question of how you approach it: from the negative (scary) side, of from the positive (yes we can) side. My tip: treat scarcity from now on as an illusion and you will see more and more abundance things popping up in your life. Happy traveling on your abundance path!

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