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Seven Basic Principals of Huna and Other Empowering Thoughts

Huna picture source here. The Seven Basic Principles of Huna stem from Hawaiian philosophy. They appealed to me and inspired me to combine them with some other empowering thoughts. The Huna principles are:
  • The World Is What You Think It Is
  • There are no limits
  • Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
  • Now Is The Moment Of Power
  • To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something)
  • All Power Comes From Within
  • Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth

If you live by these principles or resonate with them, chances are the following paradigm shifts might also appeal to you. They were written down by @venessamiemis.Venessa wrote them in this blog Bootstrapping Humanity’s Next OS that was resonating with me very much. The shifts or transformations or “axies” as Venessa call them are:

  • from scarcity to abundance
  • from finite to infinite value
  • from ownership to stewardship
  • from transactional to relational
  • information hoarding to knowledge creation
  • from isolation to cocreation
  • from passive consumer to active producer

Especially the first “axie” appeals a lot to me. I even made a graphic for it. Because I believe there is abundance in allmost anything if we want it. So it’s all about sharing. Sharing worlds resources. Sharing values. Sharing thoughts. Sharing knowledge. Sharing wisdom. Sharing consciousness. Sharing leadership. Sharing work. Sharing opportunities. Sharing Energy. Sharing prosperity. Sharing … you name it.

And then I thought, why not add another set of these yin/yang type transformational values or paradigm shifts or “axies” that can help us thinking about what we would really want the world to transform into. I was inspired by the 12 BetaCodex design principles on sheet 34 in this paper from Niels Pflaeging. This paper was posted in respons to the Stoos Network LinkedIn discussion Organizations as “learning networks of people creating value”. It goes as follows:


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