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Ultimate Goal: Living Inside The Goal Oriented Box?

life-inside-the-boxWe all want to feel connected. We all want to feel relevant. And we all are willing to do a lot for that. Some (most?) of us are even willing to enforce greed (leading to Red Ocean Strategies) if it helps us achieve our relevancy goal. Even if it leads to others suffering. Not our problem anyway. Hey, it’s a bloody survival war out there, isn’t it? So we live our lives inside our own tiny illusionary goal oriented boxes. Rat racing from goal to goal, from illusion to illusion, in the end finding out that it all really wasn’t worth the rat race anyhow.

So whats the alternative? Why not try to live your live according to Sid Ceasar’s viewpoint: “in between goals is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.” Stop the rat race. Stop the goal oriented illusion chasing. Start focusing your whole life on enjoying each here and now moment. All the rest is illusion. Past is illusion, it doesn’t exist anymore. Future is illusion, you never know if it will exist. Only here and now is real. Enjoy it. Stop chasing future goals. Start chasing things that improve here and now. Embrace anything that improves both service to self and service to others. Good luck awakening and discovering your own new goal oriented strategy.inside


True Service Is Boundaryless

boundariesBoundaries only exist in the mind.  “In true service there are no boundaries. When we serve others we serve ourselves and by serving ourself in truth we serve others” (source unknown). This seems like a nice quote, but it is in itself also creating a new boundary. The word ‘Service’ implies a concept that can be bordered, bounded, valued, measured, architected, designed, integrated  etc. So by referring to concepts like ‘boundaryless service’ we actually seem to remove boundaries somewhere and reintroduce them elsewhere.

So maybe the word service should be replaced with the word help? Then the previously shown quote could be rephrased to read as follows: “In true help there are no boundaries. When we help others, we help ourselves and by helping ourself in truth we help others”. While in every word in our language it can be debated that there always is some kind of boundary attached to it, it seems the word ‘Help’ is much less boundary-based than the word ‘Service’.

Imagine what it would mean if we humans started to develop all our habits towards helping each other (whatever help is needed, no boundaries pre-attached) instead of serving each other and attaching artificial, illusionary boundaries to the service? It’s almost like letting in Light: if you look at the picture below, it shows how White Light consists of all perceivable colours with less to none boundaries between individual colours.As if each colour helps it’s adjacent neighbor in together formingthe base of true white light.

Time to conclude with this quote of Ken Wilber: There are no boundaries in the universe. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory, it is fatal to confuse the two.” Good luck discovering your own boundaries.color-spectrum

Let’s Face It: Fear Is Just An Illusion…

As you can see in the beautiful picture of the woman and the leopard, fear must be just an illusion. I have been thinking about that a lot. And found out that my own fears are indeed just illusions. Illusions I have created myself. Not my environment. I also found out some simple techniques to conquer my fears. Techniques like negating things. Asking why instead of just accepting. Being insubordinate instead of just being slavery. Flipping things around instead of leaving them alone. Reversing things. Thinking outside-the-box instead of inside-the-box. Liberating things that where kept hostage by the incumbents. Seeking more degrees of freedom where there are too much structures. Integrating things that where not meant to be separated. Separating things that where not meant to be integrated.  And slowly, but surely, these approaches helped me conquer my own fears and are making me feel better and stronger. I wish you also happy illusion fighting!

How Can We Put Our Own Illusions To A Benefit?

We human beings are strange species. We normally do not react on the objective reality that surrounds us, but we give this reality our own interpretation. By doing this we are in fact creating our won illusion. And whatever illusion we create, gets attention, not only ours but also from others. That’s how the Universal Law of Attraction works. So whatever illusion of the objective reality we create, will grow. So our illusions are in fact a very powerful machinery.
Suppose we all interprete the way we see the world as being a “system” full of crises, we then create ourselves the illusion that there are nothing but crises. But what if we changed the meaning of these illusions? Suppose we all would think and truly believe there are no crises? Act from positive thinking only. Then there ARE no crises. They vanish! We have invented them ourselves! And we sustain them by keeping thinking that our current systems are the only possible systems. But that in itself is also an illusion! It’s as if we have made our thinking immune to new, fresh viewpoints.
There is a very easy way out: start really thinking what reality you really want to see. Start thinking what reality you really want to create. Then this is the beginning of change. Change from Humanity 1.0 which is currently a champion in creating self fulfilling illusions. And change to Humanity 2.0 which can become a champion in creating new global happiness! Happy changing!

How To Turn Problems Into Illusions

The tweet from Jan Bommerez “A problem is an emotionalized situation. The situation is outside you, the problem resides inside you” inspired me to write this blog. You could also say that a problem is in fact an illusion, until we attach our own emotions to it. Then suddenly it becomes something real. So in fact we create our own problems. And by doing this, we create our own world, full of problems. And then we act frustrated because there are so many problems in our world. But we tend to forget we created them ourselves.

So what should we do if we want to have less frustrations or less problems? Well, quite easy. First, recognize the illusion. For example, look at the below figure. If you look at it from one viewpoint, you can see an old, ugly woman’s face, grey-haired, looking in south-west direction. But you can also see a young lady in it, with brown hair and a grey veil, looking to the north-west. So it’s just a matter of perception.

Next thing you do is follow Adi Da Samray’s advice “RELAX. Nothing is under control.” and make it part of our daily mindset.

And finally, add to that a “good=good enough” mindset, and you will see your problems vanish bit by bit. And you will be starting to get more and more into flow. And replace your previous frustrations with happiness. Now who wouldn’t want that?

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