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What You Don’t Know Counts, You Can Count On That…

dont-knowUmberto Eco’s statement “Was zählt, ist was ich nicht gelesen habe…” is a good representation of the vast amount of knowledge humanity already has available collectively. But can we even comprehend how much knowledge there is collectively? If you take a look at the circle figure, it gives a (not fit to exact scale) image of knowledge distribution. If we would be able to count all the existing knowledge and map that onto what a single human can comprehend in his/her own brain (the “What you know”  segment in the circle), then the segment would be probably invisible in this picture. The same is probably valid for the segment “What You Know You Don’t Know”. Which leaves almost the full circle for the “What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know”. So in the end, you don’t know anything significant. So you have to realize that you will probably never make it through the whole circle, it’s just too much. So you have to rely on others. You have to rely very much on others. And be prepared to accept that others have knowledge you don’t have. And that ‘external’ knowledge might be very valuable, so you have to consider linking it to you own knowledge. This all starts by trust. The more you trust another’s knowledge and the better you and the other are able to link your mutual knowledge, the more you’re knowledge together can grow and add value. Create something more beautiful together than if it was based on your sole knowledge.dont-know-2 So stop trying to control others by knowledge you yourself don’t have, start trusting others to fill in part of the puzzle. Make knowledge work together.


Let’s Check The Evolutionary Checklist

booked-2We humans have come a long way. We finally have arrived at a crossing point in our history where we are able to communicate to each other using a variety of channels. The vast knowledge we have gathered together in books and other media is now starting to become available to an increasingly larger community. This is not in the last place thanks to the possibilities of Internet. So we are starting to finally understand what we probably have always intuitively understood al these thousands and thousands of years that lie before is. We are now entering the stage where knowledge becomes abundantly available. There will be less and less secrets to keep for each other.  Privacy might become the next illusion. Because of this global consciousness we are achieving, we are also increasingly seeing the parts in our world that need extra care. And due to this oversight, we are better able to organize this care for each other. So you might say, we are slowly but surely preparing humanity for spiritual evolution. So that we can enlighten and help each other as it was mentioned from the beginning. So if we check the evolutionary checklist, we are now ticking the last box. On our road towards a new Golden Age. If we all want to, it can be achieved. All building blocks are in place.evolution-4.png

There Is A Crack In Everything. That’s How The Light Gets In

Picture source here. Leonard Cohen’s quote “Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” resonates with me. I like it a lot. I can also see a relation with talent management. Earlier I blogged about a new way to organize collective talent, in a way forming some kind of global consciousness. Suppose we would be willing to accept that every person on earth can fail (is not infallible). Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s got a crack somewhere.  This fits well with Deming’s quote ” No one can enjoy learning if he must constantly be concerned about being graded for his performance”.  Also suppose we would accept that every person on earth has limited talent, has a basic need to learn and has an  open attitude towards letting in knowledge from others (letting in the light?) and share it’s knowledge with the world, what would happen to our world? Wouldn’t we get more societal value from the collective wisdom that is available? Could it help our world prevent coming into new crises? What do you think: is it worth a try? (picture source here)

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