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How Learning Organizations, Dalai Lama, Plato’s Cave and the Veil of Forgetfulness can Change Your Life

What do Learning Organizations, Plato’s Cave and the Veil of Forgetfulness have to do with eachother? Let me try to explain a little bit. Every person on this planet has to learn. You can do this roughly two ways: learning by the book (risc avoiding) or learning by making mistakes (risc seeking). If we project this onto Plato’s Case we can see basically two “types” of people in there (sorry for the categorization, just done here to explain the concepts). The ones who look at the illusions and thus only see reflections, they don’t see the real light outside. Maybe they even don’t want to see the real light. If that is the case, better leave them be where they are happy, don’t force them to learn things they don’t want to learn. They’re probably just happy where they are.  And then you have the other “types”  of people, those who want to discover, and who don’t want to live in illusions. These are the people that probably want to ascent to the (sun)light and are probably very open to share their knowledge with anyone.  What they should never forget is to apply the Universal Law of Free Will when trying to share their knowledge to those who are not really open for it. And then finally, there is the Veil of Forgetfulness. What the veil says is that if there is no misunderstanding there will also be no error. So if there is no error, there is no experience. And if there is no experience, there is no spiritual growth in the brain. So people definetely need chances to learn by making errors sometimes. This is what the veil is meant for. And now wrapping it all up: if you want to help an organization or group of people or a culture or a network become a learning organization, never forget to use the Law of Free Will to find people who want to learn from others. Also never forget the Veil of Forgetfulness to help find those people that want to learn by making mistakes. And apply Dalai Lama’s statement  “Life is too short to learn all things yourself by experience” to find those people that are open to learn from others.


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